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Baby recliners recalled after 5 infant deaths reported

Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn that the Nap Nanny and Chill Infant recliners have been recalled after five infant deaths and 92 other incidents were reported. Parents who are in possession of the defective product are advised to stop using the product and to immediately return the item to one of the major retailers that sold it.

Child abuse charges filed against Pennsylvania teen and couple

State police in northern Pennsylvania arrested a couple and teen for separate criminal acts involving the same victim. Authorities said a Bradford County couple forced a girl to stay in an improvised cage. In the second case, a male teen was charged with the developmentally-disabled girl's sexual abuse.

Baby recliners recalled after 5 infant deaths reported

Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn that the Nap Nanny and Chill Infant recliners have been recalled after five infant deaths and 92 other incidents were reported. Parents who are in possession of the defective product are advised to stop using the product and to immediately return the item to one of the major retailers that sold it.

Worker injured after a fall at Philadelphia worksite

Some occupations are inherently dangerous. Those dangers are usually reduced by the employer hiring skilled workers, providing additional training and requiring safety equipment and features. In addition, employers also improve their safety in the workplace by implementing changes after a workplace accident occurs. Even when all these steps are taken, a workplace accident could still occur.

Sex crime term: 61 years for former Pennsylvania counselor

A science teacher who served as a Pennsylvania summer camp counselor was sentenced recently to up to 61 years in prison for child sex crimes. The 31-year-old defendant pleaded guilty to all 37 charges against him.

Risk of medical complications increases by the hour, studies say

Getting a medical checkup or surgery should not be delayed, but did you know that even going to the doctor's office later in the day can increase the risk of medical complications? Recent studies suggest that medical visits taking place earlier in the day are more effective than afternoon sessions.

Convicted rapist hiding out in Costa Rica finally arrested

The FBI and Pennsylvania law enforcers may soon get their hands on a bail jumper accused of harming a young female relative. The man was released on bond in Montgomery County in January 2011. Immigration records show the defendant fled the U.S. less than one month later for Costa Rica.

Food triggers and remedies for migraine headaches

American workers who find their job performance compromised by a migraine headache, fatigue or low moods may seek a quick fix, often in the form of pharmaceutical drugs. However, this approach may only temporarily mask symptoms, while failing to treat the underlying problem.

Pennsylvania college student killed by car

A Penn State student died after he was struck by a car a day earlier. Responding officers found the young man lying unconscious on the street with a head injury. The student's friends and the vehicle's driver gave different accounts of what happened the day of the fatal accident.

Number of medical malpractice lawsuits increase in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania patients may be interested to learn that the number of medical malpractice lawsuits has increased in Lancaster County while the number has plummeted elsewhere in the state. Medical malpractice attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants believe that this trend may be due to the changing county demographics.

Pennsylvania police officer injured in a heist

From childhood and throughout adulthood, some dangerous occupations appear to be exciting even though they carry huge risks. Whether it is a firefighter, police officer, construction worker, miner or other risky professions, some jobs can put an employee's life at risk on a daily basis. Those occupations will require substantial training in order to lessen the chances of serious or fatal outcomes. In addition, numerous safety features and routine training and inspections are carried out. These help reduce work accidents and on-the-job injuries.

Negligence, recklessness alleged in building collapse

The first negligence lawsuit on the behalf of a woman has been filed after a highly publicized building collapse in Philadelphia at the beginning of June. The woman, along with 12 others, was injured after the workplace accident on June 6 when the building was crushed as another building next door was torn down. Six people, including one man and five women, lost their lives during the accident. The victim was working as a clerk when the building fell.

Tip leads to Pennsylvania teacher's arrest for sex crimes

Pennsylvania parents transfer the safety of their children to adult professionals every day. Philadelphia child care workers, coaches, spiritual leaders and teachers are expected to act in the best interests of children. A violation of that unspoken trust can produce life-long damage especially for victims of sexual abuse.

Worker burned when Central Pennsylvania gas tank explodes

Hundreds of Pennsylvania residents are harmed in accidents while on the job every year. Industrial accidents can occur when an unprotected employee falls from a ladder or slips on a wet floor. Sometimes victims suffer permanent disabilities or die from machine accidents, toxic chemical exposure, fires and explosions.

Asbestos Exposure Victim Files Civil Suit in Montgomery County

Attorneys for a Lansdale county resident filed a civil suit against various companies in Hartfield and Montgomery counties, following claims that these companies are responsible for exposing their employees to asbestos-related illnesses. The defendant claims that his work-related illness is due to the production and manufacture of products that contain the fibers of asbestos. He has been diagnosed with a rare form of mesothelioma, a cancer that attacks the lining of the lungs following exposure to environments in which asbestos is present.

Man sues after 24 nose job surgeries

Pennsylvania residents might be interested to hear about a 35-year-old man who reportedly had 24 nose job surgeries. The man screened 10 different surgeons before finally settling on one. He was initially satisfied with his appearance after his first surgery. However, he claims that he had to keep returning to the surgeon for additional surgeries because he began experiencing breathing problems.

Undetected Lyme disease may lead to disability

With summer in full swing, many Pittsburgh residents are finding ways to enjoy the greater outdoors. For some, that may take the form of softball games or backyard barbecues. More adventurous types may venture to nearby Bear Run Campground or rough in the wilds of McConnell's Mill State Park or Moraine State Park.

$11.6 million for families of those killed by drunk driver

A settlement in the amount of $11.6 million will be split among the family members of three people who were killed in a Pennsylvania drunk driving accident. This settlement is the result of a case against the local businesses that reportedly served the driver alcohol before he got into the accident. Five businesses were included in the initial complaint, as well as the person who was intended to be the driver's designated driver but did not end up doing so.

Allegations of child abuse on the rise since Sandusky case

Nearly 2,300 more instances of suspected child abuse were reported last year in Pennsylvania than in 2011. Family experts and women and child safety advocates admit national attention on the Jerry Sandusky trial raised awareness among child sexual abuse victims and adults.

Apology laws

Pennsylvania is not one of the 36 states that allow physicians and other health care providers to apologize for medically negligent acts without making themselves vulnerable to legal repercussions. This doesn't mean that Pennsylvania health care providers can't apologize for doctor errors. It means, however, that insurers and lawyers may discourage health care providers from apologizing, particularly if that admission of guilt could hurt the provider or the institution he or she works for in a subsequent medical malpractice action.

Program to increase safety for some Pennsylvania workers

Pennsylvania workers show up to their job in order to make a living. Workers often do not think about all the risks they encounter on a daily basis at their job, but when a workplace accident occurs, employees begin to think about the health and safety issues their occupation poses. Workplace safety is an important component for every job and should be instilled and updated constantly. This might mean implementing new training methods and improving safety measures by providing new safety equipment.

Long-time Pennsylvania foster parent charged with sex crimes

Pennsylvania neighbors said children "congregated" at the suspect's Coatesville home. That community member who seemed so "family oriented" was recently arrested and charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse.

Liability suit may resume against Pennsylvania chemical company

The first of 33 McCullom Lake liability lawsuits was thrown out by a Philadelphia judge in 2010. A Pennsylvania appellate court now wants the lower court to prove the judge made the right choice. The Superior Court may be prepared to reinstitute the owner negligence lawsuit.

Georgia Drug Rehab Center Slapped with Multiple Lawsuits

A local news reporter initiated investigations of a Georgia drug rehab organization following a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a 28-year-old man who suffered an overdose at the facility in 2008. The center, Narconon of Georgia, reportedly maintains close ties with the Church of Scientology and has also come under fire from charges relating to credit card and insurance fraud.

Frequency of misdiagnosis highlighted

When a pediatric specialist received a misdiagnosis on the throat cancer that doctors had labeled as acid reflux, he realized the seriousness of the problem. A resident finally located the tumor that other surgeons had repeatedly missed. The physician eventually had his voice box removed and can now only speak in a whisper. He thinks he might still have his voice if the cancer had been detected sooner. However, he hasn't publicly mentioned hiring medical malpractice attorneys.

Acknowledging medical errors can improve patient care

Would it surprise Pennsylvania residents to discover that the family physician they love and trust has committed at least one error over the course of his or her medical practice that has put the health of a patient at risk? It's probably true.

Four people injured in Pennsylvania car accident

Four people were injured in a two-car accident that happened around 6:30 p.m. on a Friday. A 46-year-old man who was driving a Dodge Viper V10 at a high rate of speed when he crashed into a pickup truck being driven by a 28-year-old man. The Dodge was traveling north on Route 36, and the pickup truck was traveling south. The accident occurred between Loysburg and Northern Bedford County High School.

Pennsylvania girl will testify remotely in sex abuse trial

Among the provisions in the U.S. Constitution's Sixth Amendment is the guarantee that criminal defendants have a right to face accusers. States including Pennsylvania have altered constitutions to reduce the psychological suffering for children in court.

Pittsburgh Zoo sued over boy's mauling death

Negligence is almost always involved in a wrongful death case and it is the most serious of all personal injuries. For the family of a little boy, finding wrongful death attorneysthat focus on this type of issue was very important and necessary.

Doctor claims that physicians should proactively disclose errors

Pittsburgh medical patients may soon start hearing their doctors admit to medical errors. The standard practice for many doctors has historically been to wait until a patient discovers an error before engaging in conversation. Some hospitals, medical schools and other health care institutions are now proposing that doctors should proactively admit errors before they're discovered by the patient.

School children learn about disability firsthand

Thanks to childhood vaccines, many youth in Pittsburgh and across America may not even know about illnesses like scoliosis, tuberculosis, or other illnesses that often lead to disability or death. However, that progress may come at the price of life-skills needed later on, in the event of an accident or illness that results in a work-prohibitive impairment.

OSHA inspects Pennsylvania construction site incident

After an incident occurs in the workplace, it is crucial to understand why it happened. A workplace accident should be properly investigated to ensure that all safety measures were being followed. In addition, it also may reveal that some updates and new training should be implemented in order to improve workplace safety. Employers seek to keep productivity high and want to reduce any delays in work. By ensuring health and safety in the work environment, employers can be assured that workers are protected from most work accidents and on-the-job injuries.

Lawsuit filed by parents over son's death at Pittsburgh Zoo

On November 5, 2012, a two-year-old boy fell from an observation platform at the Pittsburgh Zoo and was mauled to death by a pack of African painted dogs. The parents have filed a civil lawsuit on the basis of claims of negligence and wrongful death. They are seeking unspecified damages in the death of their son.

Will Pennsylvania bowling alleys post a sign of the times?

Bowling is a popular Allegheny County sport that few people associate with danger. Liability issues seem out of place in bowling alleys until you talk with someone whose rented, smooth-soled bowling shoes caused a slip, trip or fall.

Did a behind schedule surgeon cause a patient's death?

Residents of Pennsylvania may be interested to learn of case involving a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. In 2010, a Georgia surgeon performed a laparoscopic cholecystectomy on a 67-year-old woman. The patient had a great deal of scar tissue, and the surgeon decided to change from the laparoscopic option to an open surgical procedure. Once the surgeon was involved in the open surgical procedure, he found massive bleeding from a laceration in her portal vein. A vascular surgeon was called, but the patient had suffered significant blood loss and she died a short time later in the intensive care unit. Medical malpractice attorneys would later become involved in the case.

Employers fight long-term disability with onsite wellness aids

Dancers and professional athletes, perhaps more than any other type of worker, might be aware that job performance is attainable only if our bodies cooperate with our intentions. Books exploring the relationship between zen meditation and optimal sport performance provide context for this mind-body connection. Said another way, even the most intellectual of intentions or aspirations is usually dependent upon the physical body for its attainment.

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