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Delayed gallbladder surgery results in death of patient

A jury recently returned a verdict of $3 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit concerning the death of a 56-year old man that was hospitalized on three separate occasions for gallbladder pain. Though during one of the admissions to the hospital consulting doctors felt that this individual's gallbladder required removal, the surgeon in charge of the case decided to delay any possible removal.

The patient was later readmitted and then remained in the hospital for 26-days until his death. Throughout the course of this individual's various hospitalizations, the gall bladder removal surgery was continually put-off. As the surgeon claimed the cause of death was cardiac arrest, a coroner's report died due to various infections and problems connected with the gallbladder.

It took the jury approximately an hour in deliberations to decide on the verdict in this matter. While the case originally named a number of other physicians as well, only the surgeon in this matter was ultimately held responsible for any claimed medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice cases of this type are about more than just surgical errors, doctor errors or a failure to diagnose a particular condition. Sometimes the cases involve any variety of causes that may have contributed to the injury or death of the patient.

Not every attorney has the experience or the patience to try these sorts of cases. Attorneys are up against doctors and hospital staff that may try to stonewall attorneys or deny that any medical negligence occurred. Getting to the bottom of what happened requires the ability to examine and cross-examine physicians and medical experts, and it also means being able to summarize and explain what occurred to a jury.

Source:, "Jefferson County jury awards $3 million to widow in medical malpractice lawsuit," by Kelsey Stein, April 11, 2013

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