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Pennsylvania worker killed in wood chipper accident

A Pennsylvania man died while on the job as a result of a wood chipper accident. The men were doing tree work while using the wood chipper. It was reported that a steel braided cable that was used to pull tree limbs somehow became caught up in the wood chipper, and that a portion of the steel cable sheared off and was then sent hurling from the machine.

Birth injuries suit results in $2.1 million verdict

In a neighboring state of Pennsylvania, a jury awarded a family $2.1 million concerning a child suffering from Erb's Palsy, which presumably occurred due to problems during childbirth. It was alleged in the complaint for this birth injuries lawsuit that the child did not receive adequate care while labor was ongoing, and that the doctor possibly pulled too hard on the child's skull during delivery.

Pennsylvania apartment fire leaves 40 homeless

Apartment building owners are responsible for ensuring that their tenants live in a safe environment. This means being in compliance with building codes and performing regular maintenance checks to ensure that there are no potential dangers to tenants. After all, Pennsylvania renters don't hand over their hard-earned cash each month to live in hazardous conditions. Unfortunately, not all landlords are as good about maintaining buildings as they should be. When buildings are neglected, however, problems can arise.

Pennsylvania house bill aimed to limit asbestos lawsuits

The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee listened to arguments concerning the passing of House Bill 1150. The bill is called the Fairness in Claims and Transparency Act, and it is intended to address a supposed loophole when it comes to trying of asbestos-related lawsuits in our state.

Expert testimony used in products liability cases

A products liability lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania that concerns a framing nailer. A man using the device claimed that a pneumatic injection of high-pressured gas was forced under his right thumbnail. It was further alleged that no instructions or warnings were included with the device that would have warned users that such a possibility existed.

Hospitals profiting off of medical errors

A couple of studies raise concerns that medical providers may not have the financial incentives to improve safety at their facilities. A recent Pennsylvania study indicated that the number of adverse events that led to patient industry were extremely widespread. Also, a Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) study found that hospitals actually may have a higher profit margin due to surgeries that resulted in extra complications because hospitals were reimbursed more by insurance companies and Medicare for these procedures because extra care is required.

KFC worker sues, alleges puddle of water led to broken ankle

We have talked about several slip-and-fall cases on our blog. Recent cases have involved an incident in someone's home that led to injuries and a customer slipping on spilled liquid at a retailer. Today, however, we are going to look at a new angle of slip and falls: being injured at work.

Wrongful death suit to be tried in Pennsylvania federal court

A woman filed a wrongful death lawsuit after her father died while working on a gas rig platform in central Pennsylvania. Though the woman had originally filed the claim in state court in Pennsylvania, it has since been moved to Pennsylvania federal court due to procedural requirements.

Verdict of $500 million for doctor malpractice

A jury ruled that UnitedHealth Group Inc., that does business in Pennsylvania and a number of other states, should pay $524 million regarding the failure to oversee one of its doctors. It was alleged that the practices of this doctor led to two patients contracting hepatitis C after performing colonoscopies.

Worker killed in pipeline explosion

A 56-year old man died following work-related injuries that occurred following a pipeline explosion. According to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office, the worker died in a Pittsburgh hospital.

Delayed gallbladder surgery results in death of patient

A jury recently returned a verdict of $3 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit concerning the death of a 56-year old man that was hospitalized on three separate occasions for gallbladder pain. Though during one of the admissions to the hospital consulting doctors felt that this individual's gallbladder required removal, the surgeon in charge of the case decided to delay any possible removal.

Man sues Pennsylvania company, says asbestos gave him lung cancer

Last week we wrote about the potential asbestos problem at the Pittsburgh Police Training Academy. While some brushed off reports of asbestos and other hazardous material in the building as being low-risk, a current lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania could show the serious affects that such hazardous conditions can have on an individual's long-term health.

Asbestos-related illness case filed in Pennsylvania court

A former mayor claims to have been exposed to asbestos when he worked as a naval ground controller, as a machinist at a steel company, as a rocket inspector, and as a machinist for a railroad. As he has now been diagnosed with lung cancer, he has brought an asbestos related suit in Pennsylvania courts.

Robotic surgeries and surgical errors

While robotic surgeries are used for 400,000 surgeries per year in Pennsylvania and across the United States, there are concerns about major surgical errors occurring when such robots are used. In one instance, technicians were unable to get the robot to release its grip on tissue of a patient during a surgical procedure. In another incident, a woman died while undergoing a hysterectomy when a robot accidentally cut a blood vessel.

Another replacement hip manufacturer sued

A Pennsylvania woman has sued the manufacturer of an artificial hip replacement system. We have already heard of a large number of problems concerning hip replacement surgeries involving systems manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, but the system here in question for this products liability matter involves Howmedica Osteonics.

Pittsburgh police academy rife with hazardous conditions

We all know the dangers of hazardous materials like asbestos. Asbestos has been linked cancer and other serious, life-altering conditions. Unfortunately, some building owners still fail to ensure that their premises are free of these materials. In fact, recent reports say that training Pittsburgh police officers may be at risk in their own academy.

Wrongful death suits filed in Pennsylvania against the NFL

It's been more than a year since we first mentioned about cases being brought against the NFL regarding concussions.  Football players had suffered these concussions as a result of their playing career. Two wrongful death lawsuits that have been brought in Pennsylvania concerning former player Junior Seau have now been consolidated with these concussion litigation matters brought against the NFL.

Surgical error blamed for Pennsylvania patient's nerve damage

A Pennsylvania woman has brought a lawsuit against a doctor she asserts injured her during a surgical procedure. She came to the doctor with complaints of elbow pain. As medication and physical therapy appeared to be ineffective, an MRI was taken that revealed a hematoma.

Making the workplace safer in Pittsburgh

Workplace fatalities have decreased in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area during this past year. Overall, the statistics also indicate that Pittsburgh is a safer place to work as opposed to other areas of approximately the same size.

Reasons as to why medication errors occur

Medication errors often turn tragic. One elderly patient was injected with an unlabeled cleaning agent rather than a dye used to check brain aneurysms, and this mistake resulted in the woman's kidneys failing and her eventually suffering of a stroke. As other organs also failed, the woman died 19 days later. She was just one of 180,000 Medicare patients that die each year due to hospital errors.

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