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Surgeon operates on wrong side of skull

A 67-year old woman suffering from a brain malady called trigeminal neuralgia went under surgery twice for this same syndrome. The reason why she had to undergo the procedure twice is because the first time the surgery was performed the surgeon reportedly performed it on the wrong size of the woman's skull.

The woman was woken up following surgery while under the influence of anesthesia, signed a form, and then ended up being immediately taken back into surgery for a second time. Per court records, it was only fifteen minutes from the time that anesthesia had stopped being administered until the time that she signed documents for another procedure.

This apparently was not the first time that the surgeon had operated on the wrong side of the skull of a patient. The doctor had also made the very same mistake upon a patient back in 1994. The first time he was fined $2,000 for his error. This time he was fined $7,500.

Such fines are hardly going to be consolation for a woman that is now suffering dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo and nausea due to the surgical error. She is required to use a walker and feels she can no longer live on her own.

If someone does suffer some sort of cognitive loss due to a surgical procedure, they would certainly be benefitted by speaking to attorneys practicing in the medical malpractice area. Even cases as seemingly straight forward to the one above may still involve complexities that attorneys not practicing in the area would be unable to handle.

One medical official referred to the incident as "abominable." However one might describe it, too many of these types of incidents occur, and such occurrences are totally avoidable by hospitals taking simple steps.

Source: Herald-Tribune, "Woman sues neurosurgeon over wrong-site operation," by Donna Koehn, March 16, 2013

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