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Deciding who is liable for asbestos claim lawsuits

A Pennsylvania judge recently granted summary judgment to an insurance company against Anheuser-Busch. Anheuser-Busch sought indemnification from the insurance company due to reported injuries to a worker following asbestos exposure.

Preventable error results in loss of leg

A physician that is also a writer claims to have spent the last twenty years investigating why preventable medical mistakes occur. He also found himself victim to such an error. This individual claims to have experienced a sudden pain to the lower left leg, and two months later he had that same leg amputated below the knee.

Bayer sued in Pennsylvania over birth control device

Bayer is getting sued in Pennsylvania regarding claimed manufacturing and design defects to a birth control system it manufactures called Mirena. Mirena is a device that is inserted inside of the woman's body, but it is alleged that once inserted the device can begin to move in unpredictable manners.

Couple sues Arby's in federal court for slip-and-fall

Slip-and-falls are a constant threat in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. If a landlord forgets to clear a sidewalk after a snowstorm or a grocery store doesn't warn customers of a wet floor, people can easily end up getting hurt. Unfortunately, one woman recently experienced the consequences of a slip-and-fall when she was out to eat at a fast food restaurant.

Illegal u-turn results in fatal accident

A decision of a tow truck operator to make an illegal u-turn on a Pennsylvania thoroughfare is blamed for the death of another driver. The auto repair shop for which the tow truck driver worked and the tow truck driver and the driver of the vehicle in which the deceased man was a passenger have been named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Failure to respond left patient brain damaged

A patient remained untreated for nine minutes after going into cardiac arrest at a medical center. Though the patient was revived, he suffered severe brain injury and his family later decided to remove him from life support.

Pennsylvania worker killed while using a crane

A Pennsylvania worker was recently killed in Westmoreland County, which is about 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Apparently, the worker was using an industrial crane to move a large steel coil.

Mother dies due to infection after delivering her child

Birth injuries don't always just affect the child. Recently, a young mother died some 12 days after giving birth because the doctor reportedly left behind a large portion of the placenta.

Pennsylvania-based company cited for slip-and-fall hazard

Pennsylvania companies have a responsibility to keep their workplaces as safe as possible for their employees in order to prevent accidents that result in injury or death. Unfortunately, not all companies adhere to the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In fact, in one year, 240 people died in Pennsylvania because of work-related injuries.

Pfizer sued regarding asbestos-related claim

Pfizer Inc., a company that usually finds itself as being sued for products liability claims regarding possible defective drugs and medications, has now found itself under legal scrutiny for its involvement in the manufacturing of asbestos-containing products. Pfizer at one time was the parent company for a subsidiary called Quigley Co. Quigley declared bankruptcy and halted most operations back in 1992.

Judge Certifies Class in Windermere Apartment Fire

A judge in Philadelphia's Common Pleas Court recently issued an opinion certifying the class status of the victims of the Windermere apartment fire on January 10, 2011. The extensive damage caused by the massive fire was the result of negligence on the part of the apartment owners who failed to install adequate fire alarm and sprinkler systems. "This is great news for the victims of this fire," said their attorney, CBMC lawyer Thomas Marrone. "They were forced out of their home as a result of the apartment owners' negligence and now they'll finally have an opportunity to receive some measure of compensation."

Tylenol may be responsible for liver damage

In a products liability lawsuit filed here in Pennsylvania, individuals claim to have suffered liver damage as the result of taking Tylenol. The plaintiffs in this matter assert that the manufacturer of the Tylenol in question, McNeil PPC, Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson, concealed information regarding liver toxicity risks and the potential for liver failure.

Skin cancer-detection app fails at e-diagnosis

Smartphones have become the 21st century Swiss-army knives for millions of Americans. All over Pittsburgh and across the nation the utility of a these tiny handheld devices extends far beyond communication into commerce, entertainment, and, as it now appears, serious matters of health. However, as more and more apps try to sell us the prospect of increased wellness and even serious diagnosis of conditions like cancer, problems have come to loom on the horizon.

Boy's drowning the basis for wrongful death lawsuit

Wrongful death lawsuits can be particularly heart wrenching, and, unfortunately, many such cases will be dismissed. This recently occurred in a Pennsylvania courthouse when the mother of a deceased boy brought such an action against a multifamily management group after her 3-year old boy drowned at an apartment swimming pool.

Boy suffers brain damage during outpatient surgery

One particular county has decided to settle out a medical malpractice lawsuit for $20 million. The patient was a 3-year old boy that underwent outpatient surgery at one of the county's hospitals. However, because the boy was reportedly deprived of oxygen for between 5 to 7 minutes, the child is now described as "profoundly" brain damaged.

Industrial accident crushes veteran employee to death

A man from Wilmerding died earlier this week as a result of an industrial accident at Hempfield Industrial Park. The employee had been with the company, Plum Corp., for about three decades; the company produces metal roofing and siding products that are used in both industrial and commercial settings. About 15 people work at the plant, but none of them witnessed the accident.

Worker electrocuted at a Pittsburgh University

Carnie Mellon University in Pittsburgh was the location for what is thought to have been the fatal electrocution of a worker for the Eaton Electrical Company. According to the university, the deceased man was working in an electrical distribution room when what was described as an "industrial accident" happened.

Many surgical errors continue to be unreported

A leader of a Johns Hopkins study has suggested that the surgical error problem will not be corrected until it is accurately measured. However, to measure such a phenomenon would require publication of these surgical mistakes.

Kids for Cash checks are "in the mail"

According to the, three years after filing suit, more than 1,600 juveniles and their parents who alleged the youths were wrongly incarcerated by former judge Mark Ciavarella have received their portion of a $17.75 million settlement reached with one of the defendants in the "kids for cash" lawsuits.

Wintry weather serves as reminder to be careful when walking

Parts of the country this winter have experienced some bouts of extreme weather. In places like Pittsburgh where the weather can be snowy and below freezing for extended periods of time, the possibility of a slip-and-fall accident is increased -- particularly when snow and ice melts and then re-freezes.

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