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Unsafe asbestos practices continued after warnings

Recently, a federal jury in a Pennsylvania court found a contractor guilty on all counts concerning charges of unsafe asbestos removal and disposal. The defendant in that case faces a sentence of up to 30 years in prison and a fine of as much as $1.5 million.

Prostate biopsies often misidentified

A recent study has shown that as many as 3.5 percent of prostate biopsy specimens were switched or mistakenly attributed to the wrong patient. Though most labs only had an error rate of around one percent, certain labs had a much higher rate of mistakes.

Pennsylvania veteran's PTSD left untreated

A Pennsylvania combat veteran has recently been awarded $3.7 million by a federal judge for a VA Hospital's failure to properly diagnose or treat the soldier's post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The failure to treat is believed to have contributed to his decline and current and permanent disability status.

Hip implant products liability suits about to begin

Johnson & Johnson issued a recall of an all-metal hip implant device back in 2010. It has since been revealed that Johnson & Johnson conducted an internal analysis that showing that nearly 40 percent of these devices would fail within five years.

Pennsylvania man suing after tripping on uneven sidewalk

When people own a home, they are responsible for upkeep of that home -- particularly so that visitors or other people who might come to the home are not put at risk by dangerous conditions that exist at the property. This includes not only people who might go inside the home but people who might be passing by outside.

Manufacturer of Zoloft sued for wrongful death

A couple has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania courts against Pfizer, Inc. over the drug Zoloft. It has been claimed by the couple that the wife's ingestion of the drug during pregnancy led to the death of their newborn child soon after the child was born.

Anesthesia errors and brain injuries

A study of 9,500 complaints filed against anesthesiologists found that most injuries experienced by patients were preventable. Though no fault was found on the part of the anesthesiologist in close to half of the claims, many of the injuries were blamed upon the specialist as "not following directions or not being vigilant."

Mine worker crushed by overturned rig

A worker was killed at a company's plant when a gas drilling rig at a coal mining plant over turned and crushed the worker to death. The worker was employed by a Pennsylvania based company at the time that the fatal accident occurred.

Federal judge sends slip and fall case back to state court

Although the following case did not take place in Pittsburgh, we felt that it was one that our personal injury blog readers would find interesting because of the unique procedural road it has taken. Recently, the federal judge overseeing a premises liability lawsuit decided to remand the case back to the state and county in which it was filed after the plaintiff agreed that she would not seek more than $35,000 in damages. The lawsuit, which was first filed last June, was removed to federal court by the defendant in November.

Asbestos manufacturers in bankruptcy courts

Certain companies located in the Pennsylvania area are facing as many as 15,000 pending asbestos-related injury claims. Out of those 15,000 claims, approximately 2,800 of them concern the contracting of mesothelioma. The companies manufactured an asbestos joint compound that was to be used in various home renovation projects.

U.S. Supreme court to decide medical malpractice victim's fate

While waiting for the outcome of medical malpractice cases, patients and family members may be facing medical bills in excess of $100,000. Because these individuals simply do not have the funds to pay such bills, they may apply for Medicare or Medicaid relief to help pay the bills. Such a scenario is now the subject of a United States Supreme Court case.


Pittsburgh, PA - Today, the law firm of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C. announced that partner William R. Caroselli received the esteemed Joseph F. Weis Distinguished Service Award.

Medical oxygen tanks may be flammable

Individuals forced to use portable oxygen due to some health issue are completely reliant upon the manufacturers of these products for safety and reliability. Recently, it was discovered that one particular portable oxygen cylinder manufactured by Praxair posed a fire risk, and so according to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) these tanks are currently being recalled.

Worker injured in Pittsburgh steel plant fire

Last month, an employee of a Pittsburgh-area steel plant suffered minor injuries when a fire broke out at the plant. The injuries suffered by the worker were not severe, but he was taken to a nearby hospital by helicopter as a precaution.

Former veteran dies at Pennsylvania VA facility

A wrongful death lawsuit is being filed on behalf of a Hampton Township veteran that recently died in a veteran administration's facility in the Pittsburgh area. The patient in question was originally diagnosed with legionella pneumonia after being treated at the facility for shortness of breath.

Allegheny County wrongful death verdict of $109 million

We've written in the past about a Pennsylvania woman electrocuted in her own backyard as the result of a fallen power line. A jury recently returned a verdict in the woman's wrongful death lawsuit of $109 million.

Unnecessary cardiac procedures performed by hospitals

Apparently, a healthcare provider has been performing a number of unnecessary cardiac stenting procedures and then submitting false claims to Medicare to collect the proceeds. In an announcement made by the United States Attorney's Office in Pittsburgh, this healthcare provider has settled out with Medicare in the amount of $2 million due to these practices.

Pennsylvania workplace deaths reduced in 2011

For a number of years, workplace deaths in Pennsylvania had been on the rise. However, the 186 individuals killed in workplace accidents in Pennsylvania during the year of 2011 represented a 16 percent decrease from the prior year.

How can Pittsburgh parents protect kids from sledding injuries?

When you think of sledding, what comes to mind? You probably imagine a peaceful scene in which children sled down a hill after a fresh snowfall, laughing and having fun, before going inside to have hot chocolate or something of that nature. What you probably do not think of is head injuries, broken bones and even death. Unfortunately, sledding injuries are fairly common among children and teens, and it is up to kids and their parents to take the appropriate action to protect against those harms.

Mothers injured during childbirth is on the rise

A recent study of birth injuries has provided a startling result. Birth injuries due to child delivery greatly increased for mothers during the first decade of this century. Emergencies involving cardiac arrest, respiratory distress and even kidney failure went up by around 75 percent.

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