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Traffic accidents and employees

The most dangerous place for workers on-the-job is on our nation's highways. Drivers are often involved in accidents revolving around speeding, distraction and impairment. Add in work related duties being performed while driving, and the circumstances become even more hazardous.

Obviously, employees driving delivery trucks are more prone to accidents due to the cumbersome nature of the vehicles being driven. Also, when a work-related accident occurs upon the road, there are often multiple claimants involved.

A study conducted by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) came up with a variety of findings regarding traffic accidents that revolved around an employment type situation.

The NCCI found:

  1. That there has been a decrease in the number of motor vehicle fatalities occurring since 2006 - this is in part due to the overall number of traffic fatalities decreasing as well
  2. That the number of traffic fatalities has decreased for truck drivers, but it has increased for those driving passenger type vehicles
  3. The number of traffic-related injuries has fallen has compared to non-traffic related injuries
  4. Multiple claims accidents are often increasingly severe accidents
  5. Motor vehicle accidents are more severe than other forms of workers' compensation claims
  6. Many of these sorts of accidents involve neck injuries
  7. Traffic related accidents are more likely to be of long duration

Distracted driving continues to be a leading cause of traffic related accidents. This would seem to particularly be the case when dealing with employees that are multi-tasking or are in a hurry to get to a certain destination.

Employers can play a part in reducing these sorts of accidents by encouraging safe practices, and by better providing training and instructions to employees.

Source: Claims Journal, "Traffic Accidents Lead Cause of High-Severity Workers' Comp Injuries," Dec. 20, 2012

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