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Young mother suffers brain injury during child delivery

A mother of a newborn child may have received too much anesthesia while undergoing a Cesarean section. It has been reported that after two hours of labor without any progression, the woman was then administered an epidural to provide local anesthesia. However, because the epidural apparently became dislodged, the woman was then additionally given a spinal anesthesia.

Toyota may settle lawsuit in class action

The unintended acceleration problem of some Toyota vehicles may soon be settled in federal court. The exact value of the deal can only be estimated at this point in time, but it is believed to exceed $1 billion in settlement of the claims. This is separate from the $2 billion Toyota has already spent concerning recalls of the vehicles in question. There is also a question of $200 million in attorney fees to be reimbursed regarding court costs.

Asbestos lawsuit trend: required disclosure of previous suits

Earlier this month, the Ohio state legislature passed a bill which could effectively limit asbestos claimants' ability to file personal injury lawsuits in that state. Soon after the Ohio bill's passage, similar legislation was introduced in the Illinois state senate. Is it only a matter of time before such a bill becomes law in Pennsylvania as well?

Surgical error case goes to Pennsylvania Supreme Court

A number of years ago, a Pennsylvania woman died shortly after undergoing heart valve surgery. Though a wrongful death action was pursued by the husband of the woman that died, a jury decided that the hospital and doctor were not negligent concerning her case.

Pennsylvania widow awarded $3.6 million in wrongful death suit

A widow of a Pennsylvania truck maintenance worker was awarded $3.6 million against a trucking company. The company owned the truck that essentially fell down on top of him and crushed him to death.

Traffic accidents and employees

The most dangerous place for workers on-the-job is on our nation's highways. Drivers are often involved in accidents revolving around speeding, distraction and impairment. Add in work related duties being performed while driving, and the circumstances become even more hazardous.

Radiology mistakes common in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has earned the dubious distinction for being one of the top states in having radiologists sued for medical malpractice. Generally such errors came about due to a failure to diagnose a particular syndrome, but errors were also reported concerning procedural complications, miscommunications or the failure to recommend further testing.

Preventing slips and falls in medical facilities

Most Pittsburgh doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical professionals are probably used to the common health hazards that come with their job, one of which is an elevated risk for slips, trips and falls. When doctors and nurses rush to treat patients or handle emergency situations, they have a higher likelihood of tripping and falling or colliding with a stationary object. And because hospital floors are uncarpeted in order to reduce the risk of infection, those falls can hurt - and cause major injury.

Asbestos and lead removal following Hurricane Sandy

When manufacturers of home used lead paints and asbestos in its building materials, there seemed to be little foresight what would happen when these materials eventually became exposed. Most likely, builders presumed that such an occurrence would never happen.

Young girl dies shortly after admission to nursing home

A young girl with cerebral palsy was institutionalized, but shortly later she died while in the nursing home's care. The girl was taken away from her mother out of concerns that that parent would not be able to adequately care for her.

Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C. Applaud Approval Of Partial Settlement In Luzerne County Juvenile Court Case

Philadelphia, PA - Today the law firm of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C. (CBMC) applauded District Judge A. Richard Caputo's ruling approving the partial settlement in the "kids for cash" case. Under the agreement, Mericle Construction and its president, Robert K. Mericle will pay nearly $18 million into a settlement fund.

Teen's curiosity turns into movement against energy drink

Most of us have probably seen the dog food commercials that talk about using real ingredients versus artificial additives -- like chicken byproduct meal -- in the food we feed our pets. But are we as selective of what we put in our own bodies? One teenage girl got curious, and her curiosity has sparked an online petition to look more closely at the ingredients in sports drinks.

Overcrowding in an emergency department issue for patient too

Sometimes emergency rooms become crowded. By definition an emergency is not easily predicted, nor are the numbers of emergency visits a hospital will experience. Even though it is hard to predict how busy an emergency department may become each night, it doesn't allow a hospital to drop its standard of care. But are they doing it anyway?

Mother files wrongful death suit against driver that killed her son

Losing a loved one in a car accident can be tragic for the family members that are left behind especially if the driver chose to drink and drive. This week a mother of a New York man filed a wrongful death suit against the driver of the car that killed her son.

Doctor accused of pushing drugs while committing medical errors

A pharmacist with a business in Pennsylvania appears to have been connected to a gynecologist that was accused of filling out prescriptions for an online drug ring. It appears that this involved a culture of deceit as apparently this same doctor was involved in signing prescriptions for other pharmacies as well.

School carbon monoxide leak sends 40 children to hospital

Although the following story did not take place in Pennsylvania, we felt that it was worth discussing on our Pittsburgh personal injury law blog for one main reason: it could easily happen here. Pennsylvania law does not require either public or private schools to install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors, potentially putting thousands of children and teenagers at risk of injury or death. Hopefully, stories like the following will motivate lawmakers in Pennsylvania and around the country to enact carbon monoxide detector laws and mandates in order to protect kids from harm.

Fire dispersants and injuries to children

Many children have been sickened since 2010 in the gulf coast region, and it had nothing to do with pollutants in the water. Though many people were hurt during the BP oil spill, many more people were injured do to the dispersants used to put out the fire as the oil wells went up in flames.

Failure to insert tube results in fatal brain injury

A jury recently returned a $1.9 million verdict to the family of a deceased man that died three days after surgery. The patient had undergone an endoscopy procedure to repair a tear to the stomach, but he subsequently died of brain injuries.

More Pittsburgh children are suffering bounce house injuries

Earlier this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation to parents in Pittsburgh and throughout the country: do not let children use trampolines at home or at playgrounds. Now, a new study may cause that recommendation to be revised so it also warns parents of the dangers of inflatable bounce houses.

Coal miner believed drown after bulldozer accident

Consul is a Pennsylvania operation that runs a number of mines. Recently, crews at Consul located a bulldozer that fell into a pond after an embankment gave way. The operator of the bulldozer is now missing and is believed to have died as a result of this accident.

Lawyers and their clients are not the enemy, negligence is

In the United States, Americans are gaining in medical self-knowledge through greater accessibility to medical resources via the Internet. So, this begs the question, does America have a medical malpractice issue, or a medical malpractice lawsuit issue?

Trial has begun concerning woman that was electrocuted

Back in January, we wrote about a wrongful death suit that was filed after a Pennsylvania woman was electrocuted when a power line fell down upon her property. The woman, from West Hempfield, died some three days after the electrocution took place.

Cerebral palsy and complex medical malpractice legislation

A 4-year old boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy that appeared to have occurred due to medical malpractice at the time that the child was born. In the locality where the child was born, there has been set aside a fund to cover specific damages related to medical malpractice, but this state also has limitations as to how much in damages can be awarded.

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