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Stroke not diagnosed by radiologist

A court recently ruled that a radiologist was at fault concerning a misdiagnosis that likely led to a woman suffering a stroke. The jury returned a verdict of $5 million.

The woman in question went to the emergency room while experiencing a severe headache. Though the woman was demonstrating various symptoms of a stroke, the radiologist determined that any abnormalities from a CT scan were of "doubtful clinical significance."

Because the symptoms did not lessen, the woman was taken to another hospital where another CT scan was taken. This time, evidence of a stroke was ascertained. It was also later determined by a neurologist that the original CT scan had actually shown evidence of a stroke.

The woman eventually had to undergo brain surgery as a result of her ordeal. It was asserted in the woman's lawsuit against the radiologist that the severity of the symptoms would have been greatly lessened if she had been diagnosed correctly when the first CT scan was taken.

As occurs in almost all cases where a misdiagnosis had taken place, time was of the essence in making sure that the correct symptoms are treated in a timely manner. When a malady affects the body in some way, the malady will continue to damage the body until treatment is administered.

Proving that delays have caused such damage is difficult, and attorneys will need to study the evidence, consult with experts and question witnesses to determine what all likely had taken place. In the above case, the woman, described as still being in the child bearing age, will have to undergo long term rehabilitation, will have to relearn many skills that the rest of us take for granted, and will be limited in the lifestyle that she chooses.

Source: Seacoast Online, "Couple awarded $5m in medical malpractice suit," Aaron Sanborn, Nov. 20, 2012

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