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Topical pain relievers causing burns when applied

Periodically, it is discovered that consumer medical products do more harm than good. This appears to be the case with certain topical pain relievers that are applied to the skin that ultimately can result in serious burns.

Anesthesiologist may have caused brain injury and death to child

A civil action is currently being tried against a doctor after a 22-month old child died following what was supposed to have been a routine outpatient dental procedure. The patient woke up from the procedure and began thrashing around. In response, the doctor then prescribed morphine for the child, and such a prescription may ultimately have led to brain injury and eventual death.

Pennsylvania construction worker pinned under paving roller

A Pennsylvania mechanic was killed while repairing a paving roller. According to the coroner investigating the cause of death, the worker was performing maintenance upon the paving roller "when for an unknown reason the machine lurched forward pinning the decedent below it."

Proving up medical malpractice claims

Many jury verdicts in medical malpractice lawsuits are not favorable to the injured patient. In part, this is because such lawsuits are complex, and because the outcome can come down to the credibility of the plaintiff versus that of doctors or hospital staff.

Cardiologist found liable for prescribing Coumadin

A cardiologist reportedly prescribed a patient a drug called Coumadin. Coumadin is occasionally prescribed to cardiac patients to prevent blood clotting. Unfortunately, approximately three weeks after the drug was prescribed, the patient was found unconscious and bleeding just shortly before she died.

Mesothelioma and the 9/11 attacks

The newly passed James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act is designed to help individuals injured during the 9/11 terrorist attacks receive compensation - including individuals suffering from mesothelioma. Though no cancers were originally covered under the act, Congress has now set aside a $2.8 billion fund to help compensate such cancer victims.

Crash results in death of Pennsylvania motorcycle rider

Motorcycle accidents are altogether too frequent upon our Pennsylvania roads. Though sometimes the motorcycle rider is at fault, many more wrongful death cases come about because individuals did not pay attention to the presence of a motorcycle being present on the roadway.

Volunteer Firefighters, Workers' Compensation and Private Insurers

Under a new state law, volunteer firefighters exposed to carcinogens - such as asbestos - at the scene of the fire can collect benefits after they develop cancer.

Was Ford recall an attempt to deflect liability?

It's been close to eight years since a Pennsylvania woman was killed when her Ford Escape accelerated out of control and was involved in a fatal accident. This has been only one of many products liability lawsuits involving the Ford Escape.

Plastic surgeon's solo procedure leads to patient death

There are dangers every time a patient is administered anesthesia, and therefore use of such substances should be made only how precautions are taken to avoid adverse reactions. A plastic surgeon out on the west coast disregarded such precautions and now finds she is facing manslaughter charges due to the death by brain injury of a patient.

NH Attorney says Med Tech Spread Hepatitis in 2008

It is believed that a 65-year-old Vietnam Veterean was infected with Hepatitis C in 2008 when traveling med tech David Kwiatkowski worked there. Kiwatkowski tested positive for the disease in 2010 but they believe he had it earlier and that this opens it up for potentially more victims.

Baltimore Sun reports Maryland Man was infected by David Kwiatkowski in 2008

According to an article in the Baltime Sun yesterday, a 65-year-old Baltimore man was infected with hepatitis C by David Kwiatkowki in 2008. It is believed that this victim is the first person in Maryland to come forward with UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh.

Construction worker killed in Pennsylvania roadwork accident

A Pennsylvania construction worker recently died after being struck by a 2,000 pound section of concrete. The 29-year old worker was reportedly a contractor on a job. He was reported trapped by the portion of concrete, was freed by his co-workers and taken to the hospital where he unfortunately died of his injuries. The coroner reported the death to be due to multiple blunt force injuries.

Misdiagnosis in ICU frequently occurs

Hopefully, the headlines will make it clear to Pittsburgh readers why a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis is the subject for so many medical malpractice lawsuits. A misdiagnosis in an internal care unit (ICU) is often fatal for patients.

First Baltimore Victim of Hepatitis C Infected Hospital Tech Comes Forward

Four years ago Vietnam Veteran, Linwood Nelson, was being treated at the Baltimore VA Hospital. The same time that David Kwiatkowski, traveling med tech, was working there.  Kwiatkowski was caught using syringes intended for patients and tested positive for Hepatits C. Nelson now has Hep C and authorities are tracing it back to Kwiatkowski.

Baltimore Man Says He Was Infected With Hepatitis C by Traveling Hospital Staffer

Vietnam Veterean, Linwood Nelson, was being treated at the Baltimore VA Hospital at the time that David Kwiatkowski was a med tech.  Nelson now has Hepatitis C and it is believed to have been from Kwiatkowski using dirty needles and syringes.

Lawyer Claims Baltimore VA Medical Center Infected Client With Hep-C

A 65-year-old Vietnam Veteran now has Hepatitis C.  He was at the Baltimore VA Hospital at the same time that med tech David Kwiatkowski was working.  Kwiatkowski has Hepatitis C and was caught using dirty needles and syringes.

Courthouse News Reports on Hepatitis C case filed by Bill Caroselli and Lynne Johnson

The Courthouse News reported on our Hepatitis C medical negligence case filed on September 3 in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County. Linda Ficken sued UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, Maxim Staffing Solutions and Medical Solutions claiming that she got hepatitis C from David Kwiatkowski, the technician who was arrested for theft and fraud in New Hampshire in July.

Attorney Bill Caroselli and Attorney Lynne Johnson of Kansas City file suit against UPMC over Hepatitis C

On September 3, 2012, Attorney William Caroselli and Attorney Lynne Johnson of Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman in Kansas City filed a lawsuit in Pittsburgh against UPMC Presbyterian, Maxim Staffing Solutions, Inc., and Medical Solutions, LLC, for medical negligence.

Asbestos removal company provides no employee training

It's remarkable that many companies are performing asbestos removal tasks in or around the Pennsylvania area while at the same time failing to provide employees training concerning such removal. A company named Sodexho, Inc. located about 100 miles from Pittsburgh faces numerous violations concerning asbestos removal, and the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) is proposing fines in the amount of $81,000 for what occurred.

Soccer player files lawsuit against doctor concerning concussion

With the tremendous amount of publicity being focused upon concussions involving athletes, little focus has been upon the role of physicians when a possible concussion has been suffered. Bryan Namoff, a soccer player, has now filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against such a physician alleging that his career was cut short because the physician cleared him too soon to return to play.

Linking diagnosis to exposure: The first step toward justice

You may not be aware of it, but chances are you have been exposed to asbestos at some point in your life. In fact, low levels of asbestos are present just about everywhere - in the air, water and soil.

Baltimore Sun: Patient sues over hepatitis C exposure

As reported in the Baltimore Sun today in an article titled Patient sues over hepatitis C exposure, a Kansas woman, represented by Attorney William Caroselli and Lynne Johnson is suing UPMC, Maxim Staffing Solutions, Inc., and Medical Solutions LLC.  The lawsuit says that inaction by UPMC and Maxim has led to multiple instances of illicit behavior by Mr. Kwiatkowski, including the contamination of syringes used by the accused hospital technician.  By not taking immediate action and reporting the illicit behavior, UPMC and Maxim had enabled David Kwiatkowski to seek employment at multiple hospitals in as many as seven different states, including Maryland, New Hampshire, Michigan, Kansas, New York, Arizona and Pennsylvania.  In addition, Medical Solutions' failure to perform a thorough background or monitor his on the job performance allowed David Kwiatkowski to continue working at various hospitals across the country and put potentially thousands of patients at risk of contracting Hepatitis C, a viral disease known to cause chronic liver and health problems.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit filed against UPMC, Maxim Staffing Solutions and Medical Solutions, LLC for Failing to Report a Medical Technician Accused of Infecting Patients with Hepatitis C

Today in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Kansas residents Linda and William Ficken filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against UPMC Presbyterian, Maxim Staffing Solutions, Inc., and Medical Solutions, LLC, for negligence that lead to Mrs. Ficken's infection with hepatitis C.

Pilot's last words were that he lost his engine

A pilot from Pittsburgh was recently killed when his 1975 single engine Beechcraft crashed in the George Washington National Forest at approximately 11:30 in the morning. The pilot contacted air traffic control shortly before the airplane accident actually occurred, and his last words were reported to be, "I lost my engine."

Doctor shortages present medical care problems

If Pittsburgh residents wonder why doctor and surgical errors occur, consider that our country currently has only one primary-care physician available for every 2,000 patients. This shortage is likely understated since not everyone in the United States has access to health care, and we're expecting even further physician shortages in the future when key provisions of the Affordable Care Act are enacted.

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