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Asbestos clean up continues at BoRit

According to the EPA and the Montgomery News, the BoRit asbestos site has begun a new phase of asbestos clean up.

The site, which is in suburban Philadelphia - Ambler Borough, Upper Dublin and Whitpain Township - was a dumping site for working material from a former asbestos plant. There are three areas that are considered at-risk, including the waste pile, a reservoir and a former playground / park.

The clean up includes:

  • Stabilizing the nearby reservoir and stream bank, which are very contaminated with asbestos fibers
  • Using a fabric liner and fill to cover the park area
  • Continuing to perform risk assessments

Before it became a known carcinogen, companies used asbestos in materials throughout the United States. At some point, everyone is exposed to asbestos. While there is no safe level of exposure, the biggest concern lies with those who were exposed to asbestos on a regular basis. The BoRit site, however, raises significant concern - not only were workers frequently exposed to asbestos, but also children and others who visited the park and stream.

The health concerns over asbestos led the government to ban its use in building materials and other materials in the 1970s and '80s. Since then, the EPA has done risk assessments at sites throughout the United States to determine the past, present and future risks to humans. It has collected samples at the BoRit site, which are currently being compiled for risk assessments.

If you are suffering from an asbestos-related illness, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer or asbestosis, you may be able to recover compensation for your illness through an asbestos lawsuit against the company that caused the exposure. This is true even if you were exposed to the asbestos decades ago and your symptoms have just begun to appear.

Source: Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, "Work Continues at BoRit Asbestos Site," Pat Guth, Aug. 13, 2012.

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