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Plaintiff in birth injury case allowed to attend own trial

Though it didn't occur in Pennsylvania, an interesting medical malpractice ruling recently came down. The case concerns the right of a purported victim of medical malpractice - in this case, a young girl - to be able to attend the trial that is being conducted on her behalf.

Pennsylvania surgeon's treatment of mesothelioma

There may be hope for patients suffering from mesothelioma. A University of Pennsylvania thoracic surgeon has just released the results of a study about his medical team's treatment of patients suffering from mesothelioma, and it showed a number of patients surviving longer after the diagnosis of the disease due to more aggressive treatment.

Senate limits landowners' liability in hunting accidents

A Pennsylvania bill, which was approved 48-0 by the state Senate, could remove liability for farmers and landowners who open their property to hunters who then violate the Pennsylvania Game Code on that land. The bill moves to the House with the backing of farmers and landowners.

Commonwealth Court Rules that Class Action Lawsuit Against Corbett, Legislature, and Others for Killing adultBasic Program can continue

Pittsburgh, PA - Today the Commonwealth Court ruled that a lawsuit filed by the Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C. law firm on behalf of Pennsylvania residents harmed by the destruction of the adultBasic program can continue. The suit accuses Governor Tom Corbett, the Pennsylvania Senate, and the Pennsylvania State House, among others, of breaking the law by failing to provide funding for the program as required by statute.

Pennsylvania child suffers brain damage following surgery

A Pennsylvania child was awarded $1.1 million concerning a recent medical malpractice lawsuit. It was asserted that the child received a brain injury following sleep apnea surgery. The boy now purportedly suffers from developmental delays that may last a lifetime.

Pennsylvania railroad workers fired for reporting safety concerns

A large number of workplace fatalities that have occurred across the nation involve railroad employees. Despite such grim statistics, railroads have often been reluctant to implement safety precautions that might make working on a railroad safer.

Qatar mall fire ignites liability questions

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in questions sparked by a mall fire in Qatar that tragically killed 19 people - 13 of them children in a daycare facility. The incident is creating quite an investigation, as officials seek to find who is responsible for the millions of dollars in damage and loss of life. Arrest orders have been issued for the owner of the mall as well as four other accomplices. Also under arrest is the owner of the daycare facility, where four workers and the 13 children died.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Exeter Hospital

Patients are filing a class-action suit. 1,100 people were possibly exposed to Hepatitis C at Exeter Hospital between October 2010 and May 25, 2012. David Kwiatkowski was arrested on charges of tampering with a consumer product and obtaining a controlled substance. They believe Kwiatkowski is to blame for the spreading of the disease through the use of needles and syringes.

Hospital attempts to hide record in medical malpractice case

A 13-year old girl suffered brain damage during heart surgery, and such injury was significant enough to cause permanent impairment. The mother of the girl was prohibited from bringing action due to the one year statute of limitations that was in place in the state in which the incident occurred.

Pittsburgh worker electrocuted at renovation site

A worker was electrocuted at a Pittsburgh construction site where renovation was taking place. The worker was in a basement of a building where it is thought that he came into contact with a transformer. Other workers and paramedics were not able to assist him until the power to the building was shut off, and by that time the worker was found to be in cardiac arrest.

Woman dies in surgery while trying to donate kidney

Perhaps the last place we would expect medical errors to occur would involve organ donors. Sadly, a woman recently died while in the process of donating a kidney that was intended for her ailing brother. A surgical error occurred while the woman was on the operating table, and this resulted in her aorta being lacerated.

Pennsylvania truck accident results in multi-million verdict

The greatest care needs to be taken when operating a tractor-trailer. Such vehicles are difficult to maneuver, are large and cumbersome, and often have a number of blind spots that prevent drivers from always being able to perceive other vehicles on the road.

Hospital Could Face Two Class-Action Lawsuits

Exeter Hospital could be facing two class-action lawsuits because of previous employee David Kwiatkowski. Kwiatkowski is being accused of infecting many people with Hepatitis C through the use of dirty needles and syringes.

Disclosure requirements and chemical injuries caused by fracking

In February, Pennsylvania legislators passed a bill that changed natural gas drilling law. Part of that new law, called Act 13, allows doctors to ask gas drilling companies what chemicals they are pumping into the ground. Drilling companies must provide this information to those doctors. This was a requirement created to allow doctors to treat patients who could be suffering from illnesses caused by exposure to chemicals.

Medical mistakes in Pennsylvania likely reduced

Medical malpractice claims in Pennsylvania have actually decreased during recent years. In fact, such claims were at a record low in 2010. This may simply be because doctors have actually been taking more precautions in the practice of medicine.

The complexities in raising asbestos-related claims

Contrary to popular perception, not every asbestos claim will be successfully litigated in court. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has just ruled that a relationship between exposure and the development of asbestos-related disease.

Misdiagnosis leads to Pennsylvania man dying of heart attack

A Pennsylvania jury recently brought back a $6.4 million dollar verdict after a hospital's failure to diagnose a potentially fatal heart condition in a patient - the patient having had a long history of atrial fibrillation and who was complaining of shoulder and chest pain after playing basketball. Instead, the doctors diagnosed the patient with pneumonia and discharged him that same evening.

The FDA and recalls of defective drugs

A possible reason why there are so many products liability lawsuits brought against drug companies in Pennsylvania is because there is insufficient information released concerning drugs once these products have been recalled. A study suggests that health care providers are not sufficiently warned about the risks of the defective drugs being recalled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Also, such providers might not even be aware that the FDA had recalled such drugs at all.

Gas company should hurry to replace its pipelines

In February 2011, a neighborhood in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was rocked by a deadly gas explosion that instantly blasted two houses to pieces and killed five people. The likely cause for the incident was a crack in a gas company cast iron utility pipe.

Is your doctor right for you?

Finding a doctor that someone trusts is important for Pittsburgh residents and others. People want a doctor that will give them quality care and one that they know will work hard to avoid errors. Choosing a doctor is not easy, and there are certain behaviors people should look out for.

Certain jobs present more dangers

People in Pittsburgh often don't expect to be injured on the job. However, workplace accidents happen all too frequently. In very tragic cases, the injuries are so significant that people do not survive.

Gas drilling and public health

Gas drilling has experienced a tremendous surge in recent years. It has generated thousands of new jobs in an economy where unemployment is rampant. But is it safe? Many argue that it is, while others contend it is harmful to the public, particularly those living close to the drilling areas.

Woman's brain injury may be result of poor safety practices

In a neighboring state of Pennsylvania, a woman was admitted to the hospital to have a pacemaker installed. Though the surgery appeared to be successful, hospital staff then purportedly dropped the woman from a gurney while still under anesthesia and the woman suffered severe brain injury.

Pennsylvania police officer brings asbestos exposure claim

When discussing asbestos related injuries, one aspect often never discussed is how resistant many places of business are at implementing the needed change to prevent asbestos exposure from ever occurring. Asbestos removal can be extremely expensive, and many businesses would prefer to take unsafe shortcuts rather than be faced with the expense of conducting the cleanup correctly.

Supreme Court asbestos decision: What it means for you

In late May, 2012, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court stated that plaintiffs with mesothelioma must be able to show a causal connection between the amount of asbestos to which they were exposed and their mesothelioma. Scientific testimony that claims slight exposure to asbestos can cause cancer is not proof, in and of itself, that a plaintiff's mesothelioma was caused by asbestos.

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