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Electroshock Therapy and brain damage

A new study concerning Electroshock Therapy (ECT) hopefully will at least provoke discussion. The results of this study seem to confirm that the use of ECT can lead to brain injury. Unfortunately, such therapy has been touted as a cure-all for depression that there may be a great deal of resistance to the results of this study among the medical community.

Event commemorating workers killed in Pittsburgh

Events were recently held commemorating Pittsburgh area employees killed during work-related accidents. It was referred to as "Workers' Memorial Day" that is held annually and organized by the local AFL-CIO. The event was organized both as a remembrance of workers killed and as a call to action to bring attention upon the needs for improvement in worker safety.

Is your landowner liable for your apartment fire?

More than 13,000 people are injured and more than 2,500 people die in residential fires every year. While most of those injuries occur in single-unit homes, what happens when someone is injured or killed in an apartment fire? When is the landowner liable?

Is too much medical testing being conducted?

There are arguments going on as to whether medical testing is being overused and whether this is the equivalent of medical negligence. In Pennsylvania, CT scan are recommended for patients showing no neurological symptoms, electrocardiograms are recommended for patients with no history of heart disease, and MRIs are provided to patients that complain of headaches.

Defective defibrillators fitted for many patients

For a Pittsburgh patient fitted with a defibrillator, probably nothing could be more disconcerting than to discover the defibrillator contained fatal flaws. What would be worse - and what eventually led to products liability claims - is that the manufacturer probably knew of the flaws but never warned doctors or patients about the product defects.

Misdiagnosis leads to woman suffering a stroke

A 33-year old woman reported to the emergency room with intense headaches and had a blood pressure reading of 204/97. However, after a doctor misdiagnosed a hemorrhagic stroke as a migraine, the woman soon after woke up paralyzed and unable to speak. Six years after the accident she still needs help dressing and walking.

Obstacles in bringing asbestos-related lawsuits

Whatever residents of Pittsburgh may think about lawsuits, companies that are being sued will go to great lengths to not have to pay off claimants for injuries that they have caused. Yet when it comes to mesothelioma, such conduct can sometimes seem particularly egregious.

Premises liability for outdoor hazards in the spring/summer

Winter is not the only time that property owners need to make sure their sidewalks are clear from danger. Property owners can also be liable for injuries caused by bumps on their sidewalks or holes in their lawns. In fact, there are numerous hazards in the spring and summer that can cause injury and lead to a Pennsylvania premises liability lawsuit, including:

Premises liability for outdoor hazards in the spring/summer

Winter is not the only time that property owners need to make sure their sidewalks are clear from danger. Property owners can also be liable for injuries caused by bumps on their sidewalks or holes in their lawns. In fact, there are numerous hazards in the spring and summer that can cause injury and lead to a Pennsylvania premises liability lawsuit, including:

Explosion at work causes fatal burn injuries

A wastewater treatment plant explosion in nearby Struthers resulted in two deaths. One worker died on March 29. The second worker, who was holding on despite serious burns, succumbed to his injuries and died April 16 at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The explosion was on March 1.

Weight loss procedure surgical error leads to patient death

The incidence of voluntary cosmetic surgery appears to be on the rise in Pittsburgh and elsewhere around the country. According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, one weight loss surgery known as bariatric surgery is performed approximately 225,000 times per year. The surgery has health benefits for diabetics, as well as the obvious cosmetic benefit of weight reduction.

Use of c-sections unrelated to medical malpractice claims

The number of Caesarean sections performed in Pennsylvania and across the United States is extremely high as compared to the rest of the world. And though the World Health Organization has suggested that the rate of such c-sections should not go above 15 percent of births, in the United States the rate is now above 30 percent.

Negligent security: When property owners are liable for assault

Were you assaulted on someone else's (or a company's) property? Was there a problem on that property that contributed to your injuries? Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to hold the property owner accountable for your injuries.

Surgery error may have been caused by surgical robot

Sometimes medical technology is tried without being truly tested. A 24-year old woman recently died due to a surgical error while having a hysterectomy. Yet what appears to have caused the woman's death were the actions of a surgical robot - the types that are being used throughout the country including Pennsylvania hospitals.

Pennsylvania worker killed in drilling accident

A 24-year old worker has been crushed to death at a natural gas site in Pennsylvania approximately 80 miles from Pittsburgh. A group of workers were connecting large pieces of pipes together when one of the pipes fell and crushed the worker against a beam. The worker apparently died instantly due to this work related accident.

David Senoff weighs in on judge's decision to keep "Kids-for-Cash" victims' records closed

Court records for juveniles who were sent to a detention centers in Luzerne County in the "kids for cash" scandal will stay closed, according to a federal judge. In 2009, the detention centers agreed to a protective order that limited the discovery documents that may be exposed. The records were expunged after two judges were sent to jail. The detention centers-Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, PA Child Care, and Western PA Child Care-asked the court to allow them to show the records that were sanctioned to the parties during an informal setting, rather than through the deposition process.

Lack of oxygen supply during surgery causes brain damage

A woman's family recently was awarded a $1.23 million verdict after the woman died of a brain injury caused by lack of oxygen provided during a surgical procedure. The defendants found liable included a doctor, an anesthesiologist and the anesthesiologist's employer.

Pittsburgh mother killed in DUI crash

We don't often hear about a motorcycle rider riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol and then causing a fatality. However, it appears that a fatal accident in Pittsburgh may have involved a rider who was under the influence of alcohol and the prescription drug hydrocodone.

Delayed diagnosis leads to death of teenager

The mother of 15-year old boy that died in a hospital has since become an advocate for patient safety in the hopes that same thing does not happen again. The reason why her son died may have been in part the hospital understaffed for the weekend, and as medical personnel were unavailable a delayed diagnosis of the boy's condition may have resulted.

Prescription drugs, generic drugs and product warnings

A manufacturer of a particular drug wants all generic brands of the same medication to display a warning that the drug causes high blood pressure and suicidal ideation. This clearly suggests that we may be dealing with a dangerous and defective drug.

Communication from nurses can prevent medical errors

We've spoken many times about the need for better communication among medical staff to prevent medical errors from occurring. Yet when a medical culture exists in Pennsylvania medical facilities where the nurse and the physician are not considered to be playing on the same field, nurses are often hesitant to speak up when the dangers of a medical mistake occurring are great.

Pittsburgh workers injured in explosion

Two Pittsburgh workers were injured after an explosion occurred at the wastewater treatment plant where they both were employed. This occupational accident came about because of an explosion of methane gas from an undetermined source. In any case, both men suffered severe and extensive burns as a result of the explosion.

Swimming pool accidents and homeowner liability

Each year, nearly 2,600 children are brought to hospital emergency rooms for swimming pool accidents. Approximately ten people (children and adults) die each day from drowning. Two of these are children under 15 years of age. Drowning, in fact, is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under 15 years.

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