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Employees expected to pay for own safety?

A staffing contractor that does business in Pennsylvania and three other states is under fire for not providing equipment that would protect temporary workers from asbestos exposure. The contract employees who make $11 to $14 per hour were expected to provide their own protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and respirators or have the cost of such items deducted from their paychecks.

Unnecessary surgical procedure results in woman's stroke

Every Pittsburgh patient probably would dread having to go under the knife for even the most necessary of procedures. Sadly, certain doctors prescribe unnecessary procedures for their patients and such procedures often result in surgical errors.

Pittsburgh area school children in bus crash

A fatal bus accident took place recently in the Pittsburgh area that resulted in more than 17 students being taken to the hospital. The fatal accident also resulted in the bus driver being critically injured and the death of the driver of the truck involved in the crash.

The dangers of inducing labor

Expectant mothers in Pittsburgh hospitals may want to inquire about what medical procedures will be conducted when doctors suggest inducing of labor. Though this now seems to have become routine, the procedure is so delicate that care needs to be taken to insure that a healthy baby is born and that birth injuries do not occur.

Cosmetic products can be dangerous

Pittsburgh residents purchasing cosmetics should be aware that certain such consumer goods can present dangers and could be classified as defective products. There can be mercury in skin creams, lead in lipstick, various microbes in mascara, formaldehyde in various hair products, and particles in what are called "mineral" makeup that can be inhaled into the lungs.

Was a Pennsylvania doctor pressured into making a mistake?

In what must be considered one of the most unusual legal matters ever tried in Pennsylvania, a doctor and nurse must now answer to a number of assertions that they caused the death of a man by reversing that man's medically induced sedation. The reason given as to why the sedation was reversed was because law enforcement officers wished to effectuate an arraignment.

Pittsburgh psychiatric worker was killed on the job

The individual recently killed during the shootings at the University of Pittsburgh psychiatric clinic was a 25-year old group therapist. Though we don't often think of this type of incident as being a work related death, this individual's death did occur on the job and was the type of risk an employer such as a psychiatric unit assigns to its employees when it hires them on.

Lack of empathy and medical malpractice

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania medical school stated that empathy is now being emphasized as part of medical training. Only the treating doctors themselves could not figure out that the need for empathy was absolutely essential in treating patients, and that such empathy actually reduces the possibility of error leading to medical malpractice claims.

Pennsylvania high among asbestos deaths

Pennsylvania is one of the eight states with the highest number of mesothelioma deaths reported as a result of asbestos exposure, and these eight states are associated with more than half of such deaths in the United States. Mesothelioma is an extremely deadly form of cancer affecting the lining of the heart lungs and abdomen.

Lumbar herniation treatments and medical malpractice

Surgery is frequently performed concerning lumbar herniations, and a small handful of such surgeries are performed to treat what is referred to as cauda equine syndrome. This syndrome usually arises when bladder dysfunction also happens to be present in the patient.

NFL being sued in wrongful death action

Many Pittsburgh football fans by now have know of the tragic circumstances of former professional football player, Dave Duerson. Because Duerson committed suicide last year, his family has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NFL alleging that the league should have done more to treat or prevent concussions. They have also filed suit against a prominent helmet manufacturer stating the helmets that football players wore did not adequately protect them from concussions.

Federal Inspectors "Could Have Done a Better Job" Before Massey Mine Explosion

This week, federal inspectors announced that they had missed safety problems when they inspected the Upper Big Branch mine before the explosion that killed 29 miners on April 5, 2010.

More risks found in taking Prilosec

A few years ago a University of Pennsylvania study suggested that use of the drug Prilosec and other proton pump inhibitors was related to an increased risk of hip fracture. Now it has been found that Prilosec and other such inhibitors may also be tied to chronic diarrhea and severe intestinal problems.

Prevention of surgical errors

Of all the kinds of medical malpractice that can occur in Pittsburgh, surgical errors may well be the most devastating. Often the result of such an error can lead to a condition much worse than what the surgery was designed to treat. It may require more additional procedures to correct the mistake, it may result in disfigurement and longer debilitation, and in the worst case scenarios it can lead to death.

Pennsylvania's highest court upholds $20.5 million verdict

It's not uncommon for a child to contract cerebral palsy due to birth injuries that occurred because of a doctor's mistake. It is often associated with oxygen deprivation that occurs during labor. Unfortunately cerebral palsy is generally a lifetime ailment that has no known cure and can result in severe debilitation.

Employer tries to cover up cause of worker's death

A former supervisor at a Pittsburgh area construction firm has been convicted of various criminal charges concerning an occupation accident resulting in death that occurred under his watch. The supervisor attempted to hide a workplace violation that may have led to a 29-year old worker falling 42 feet.

The costs of asbestos abatement

Anyone in the Pittsburgh building trades business understands the costs that go into asbestos abatement procedures. If the costs seem exorbitant it's only because the cost of asbestos related disease and injury is far, far greater.

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