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Anesthesia given, man goes into shock, physician can't be found

Many emergency room errors in Pennsylvania hospitals occur during the administration of anesthesia. Such areas often result in brain injuries or death. Sadly, many such errors could have been prevented if simple precautionary procedures had been implemented or followed.

Johnson & Johnson forced to produce safer drugs?

Johnson & Johnson, a drug manufacturer that has a facility here in Pennsylvania, has had 25 products recalled since 2009. From insulin pumps to rheumatoid arthritis drugs, the company has implemented such recalls in an attempt to limit its exposure to product liability litigation.

Wrongful death suit involves multiple parties

Lawsuits alleging wrongful death are usually complex, may involve multiple defendants, involve a number of legal theories, are often tied up with cross-claims and counter-claims and may be defended in a variety of manners. In 2010, a Pennsylvania car accident resulted in three individuals killed after an allegedly drunken driver ran a red light. And while the individual that ran the red light is now spending a number of years in prison, family members of the individuals deceased are trying to figure out how the accident occurred and how to put their life back together again.

Restricting negative data concerning doctors

We've written previously about doctor history data that has now become available to patients in Pennsylvania concerning disciplinary actions and medical malpractice claims brought against specific doctors. These data banks have become available in part because of the Heath Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986.

Two children die under dentist's care

Too many medical malpractice claims are being made as a result of what should otherwise be considered routine care. A dentist has now had two children die during routine dental procedures. The latest involved a 3-year old boy who was put under a local anesthetic for a cavity filling procedure. This same dentist was under probation for the death of a 6-year old girl that died in 2004.

Pennsylvania worker's stroke called job-related

Often conditions at a place of employment are so severe that these conditions will lead to a stroke or heart attack for the worker. For this reason, it has been determined that a Pennsylvania worker will be eligible for Workers' Compensation after suffering a stroke that was determined to be work related.

Epidurals may lead to birth injuries

Pittsburgh expectant mothers should be aware of the dangers of epidurals during childbirth. It appears that there are frequent side effects concerning the epidural analgesia provided while a mother is in labor. These epidurals at times lead to a spike in a woman's body temperature and can lead to birth injury for the child.

Pennsylvania nursing home contains asbestos dust

An asbestos removal process at a Pennsylvania nursing home is expected to cost around $140,000. Though this may seem costly, exposure to the asbestos that would even cause one asbestos-related disease or death would make the cost of cleanup seem extraordinarily worthwhile.

Pennsylvania courts allow new kind of emotional distress claim

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, citing a number of cases from other jurisdictions where doctors have caused emotional distress to their patients while not in any way being physically negligent in a patient's care, has allowed for a mother to recover for emotional distress because the doctor had not adequately prepared her concerning her new-born baby's deformities. The outcome of the medical malpractice claim led to the court siding for the mother as elements of negligence and foreseeability had been adequately pled.

Exercise equipment falls and paralyzes woman

A leading manufacturer of exercise equipment recently settled a multi-million dollar product defect lawsuit due to a severe injury allegedly caused by one of their products. A woman while doing stretching on a 25-year old piece of equipment was paralyzed when the piece of equipment fell down upon her.

Marcellus Shale boom has pressed law firms to boost their staffs, but experts are in short supply

Bill Caroselli is quoted in an article in today's Post-Gazette discussing the importance of staying current on oil and gas law in light of the Marcus Shale boom.

Patient sent home, writes up a will and then dies

In one of Pennsylvania's neighboring states, an estate of a deceased man was awarded $1.065 million in a medical malpractice suit. Though the patient would eventually die of a pulmonary embolism that was not diagnosed, his doctor sent him home by telling him that the problem he was suffering from was a virus and that he wouldn't require any prescription treatment.

Pennsylvania explosion kills three and destroys a dozen homes

A natural gas explosion in Pennsylvania has led to a wrongful death suit due to three individuals being killed in the crash. A corporation is claimed to be responsible for the blast in that this company failed to abide by a directive of the National Transportation Safety Board to replace old and possibly decaying gas pipes. (The directive came about as the result of another gas explosion that occurred about 2-years ago.)

Pennsylvania nurses fail to monitor medication pumps

It has been alleged that a Pennsylvania hospital incorrectly programmed pumps that dispense of pain medication, and this has led to at least three overdoses during the years of 2010 and 2011. As one patient received more than five times the required dosage of morphine, that individual died one day after surgery due such hospital errors.

Investigation of Pittsburgh accident may take weeks

A 61-year old man died recently in a pedestrian accident that occurred in downtown Pittsburgh. The accident occurred at Liberty Avenue and Grant Street and investigators are making efforts to reconstruct the accident before preparing any final reports.

Pa. Justices Reject Bayer's Petition on Forum

The state Supreme Court has rejected the request of a pharmaceutical manufacturer to exercise its jurisdiction over whether Pennsylvania is the most convenient forum for several drug products liability cases brought by out-of-state plaintiffs in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.

Pennsylvania cardiologists performed unnecessary procedures

A lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania Federal Court alleges that five cardiologists performed unneeded procedures in order to defraud Medicare of funds. The procedures took place from 2001 to 2005 and involved interventional procedures, cardiac surgeries and vascular surgeries on patients that were not in need of such treatment.

Pittsburgh based company concerned about worker safety?

Alcoa, Inc., whose operation headquarters are in Pittsburgh, has for a long time been focusing on employee safety. Though the company was in the top third of companies for least amount of worker production lost due to injuries, the company's CEO continues to state that he is determined to bring the number of workers injured down to zero.

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