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Despite exposure risks, U.S. asbestos imports on the rise

The 2012 United States Geological Survey (USGS) Mineral Commodity Summaries reported a 25 percent increase in imported asbestos. From January to July of 2011, asbestos consumption was 1,100 metric tons. From January to July of 2010, asbestos consumption was 280 metric tons less, or 820 metric tons.

Failure to diagnose NPH because of misdiagnosed Alzheimer's

Aging and memory loss seem to go hand-in-hand. What was I going to do? Where did I put that? But, when memory loss becomes more than just an occasional loss of your train of thought, there could be more going on. Everyone knows what it is and everyone hopes it won't affect their family: Alzheimer's disease.

Pennsylvania residents sickened by defective milk

A bacterial infection known as Campylobacteriosis associated with drinking of milk has shown up among Pennsylvania residents as there have been six separate cases of such an infection confirmed. This type of malady is often the result of consumption of a defective product such as unpasteurized milk or contaminated water.

Pennsylvania doctor trading drugs for sex

Those licensed in a particular profession also owe a duty to their clientele to behave professionally and not make light of their obligations. A licensed doctor just north of Pittsburgh decided on the course of trading drugs to his patients in return for sexual favors. This behavior of the doctor dated all the way back to 1999.

Pennsylvania school bus driver killed in parking lot

Often pedestrian accidents and fatalities occur at unexpected moments when for one moment a driver fails to pay attention to their surroundings. Just recently a Pennsylvania school bus driver was killed while walking across the parking lot just after arriving at her workplace.

Doctors often poorly educated about drugs administered

Many doctors' errors in administering certain medications come about because of the doctor's inadequate understanding of the drug itself. A demonstration in southern Pennsylvania concerning the use of a drug called Hydromorphone illustrated the problem with medication errors.

Woman's asbestos exposure through her husband?

A Pittsburgh woman has brought a wrongful death action against 63 separate companies due to her mother's illness and death that was attributed to asbestosis and mesothelioma. Her mother's exposure was unusual as it likely came about due to exposure through her mother's husband who had routinely handled asbestos as a part of his employment.

Doctors don't always listen to their patients

Rather than acknowledge that they have no idea what is wrong with you, a doctor will instead reach for a prescription pad and write out a prescription that may treat the symptom but do nothing to cure the illness. The prescriptions can be expensive and unnecessary. But of greater concern is that a misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose can ultimately only lead to more physical damage.

Pennsylvania mother electrocuted in her own backyard

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in Pittsburgh after a woman was electrocuted by a power line that fell in the backyard of her home. The power line apparently fell off of a power line pole. After striking the woman, her body caught on fire. The line could not be removed from her body until workers from the power company arrived sometimes later.

Birth injuries and medical malpractice

Birth injuries in Pittsburgh and elsewhere happen with greater frequency than is usually imagined. Though some of these birth injuries can be relatively minor, many can be severe and have a lifelong impact upon the health of the newborn child.

Tow truck drivers lives put at risk by other drivers

A 23-year old Pennsylvania tow truck driver was killed when due to possible truck driver negligence a tractor trailer crashed into the operator while that individual was loading a broken down truck onto the tow truck's bed. The section of the road where the accident occurred is known by other tow truck drivers to be a dangerous area due to no existent lanes for individuals to park their stalled vehicles.

Inadequate Training May Have Contributed to Allentown, Pennsylvania, Gas Explosion

An early January gas explosion in Allentown, Pennsylvania, brings to mind last year's fatal gas explosion that leveled an entire block and killed five, including two children. It is also a reminder of a 2006 gas explosion that leveled four homes and damaged four more and a 2011 Philadelphia gas explosion that killed a worker and injured six. Inadequate training of workers was considered a contributing cause in at least two of these Pennsylvania explosions.

Medical information sharing also needs to be regulated

Steps taken by hospitals that supposedly improve patient safety must be viewed with skepticism. For example, there is little evidence that information technology and computerized medical systems have prevented doctor errors and hospital malpractice from occurring. Some individuals have even suggested that such systems have instead compromised patient safety.

Childhood safety in Pennsylvania

An organization known as Safe Kids Pennsylvania is trying to raise awareness of child safety and prevent product injuries from occurring by keeping seemingly innocuous but dangerous or defective products from being in the possession of children. The key to such safety is educating parents, stressing active supervision and taking steps to childproof the home.

Misdiagnosis leads hospice patient into drug addiction

A hospice patient for Pennsylvania was told that he had 6-months to live back in 2007, was prescribed with heavy doses of highly addicting painkillers, and then lived for five more years. In the meantime, the patient suffered from depression and drug addiction which left him begging for drugs from a number of doctors. The man finally died in August at the age of 52 after being removed from hospice some 32-months ago.

Pennsylvania school to be demolished due to asbestos

An old school building in western Pennsylvania will likely soon be demolished due to asbestos contamination and possible asbestos exposure. A newspaper described the school as a danger to anyone that steps inside of it as the school was built at a time when asbestos was widely used in building materials. As such building materials such as tiles, roofs, ceilings and walls begin to deteriorate, the chances of asbestos becoming airborne greatly increase.

Consequences of birth injuries can be catastrophic

One of the reasons that birth injuries often result in multi-million dollar settlements in Pennsylvania or any other part of the nation is because the consequences of such injuries can last for an entire lifetime. As a recent incident of alleged medical malpractice has shown, sometimes both the mother and the child can be injured at the same time.

Falling trees kill workers in separate instances

A contractor in Pennsylvania was killed in a work related fatal injury on February 24th when struck by a falling tree and the employer was cited for various OSHA citations. A second worker was killed in a similar manner at another location in June and faced similar citations.

Widespread use of MRI Units also leads to dangers

There is great concern in the medical community concerning training and supervision of the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Safety training and proper procedures may ultimately prevent a medical malpractice claim and fatalities from occurring. MRIs are cooled by liquid helium which, if it happens to come into contact with oxygen in the air, can cause an explosion or fire. Also, such fires are extremely difficult to put out.

Pittsburgh truck accident involves baby stroller

A trucking company that has been doing business in Pittsburgh has been involved in at least three fatal crashes during the last two-years as well as 28 crashes involving injuries. Just recently, one of its trucks drove over a curb and struck a stroller holding a baby boy. The boy was taking to a Pittsburgh hospital where he is undergoing surgery. The mother of the baby boy was also slightly injured in the accident.

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