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Proposed Pennsylvania bill may provide immunity to medical providers

Pennsylvania plans on establishing procedures for information concerning medical errors, medical malpractice claims and suspensions of doctors and various medical providers within the state. However, a bill introduced in the Pennsylvania House would also provide protection for medical providers that supply information to the database. The purpose of the bill is to prevent such information from being used as an admission of wrongdoing on the part of those medical providers that submit information to the database.

Depression diagnosis may simply be a thyroid problem

A former University of Pennsylvania graduate and now M.D. claims that depression and bi-polar illness are often attributed to what may simply be an inactive thyroid gland. Such misdiagnosis has resulted in a large number of errors in the prescription of anti-depression medications. This in turn has led to a large number of adverse reactions to the drugs and such reactions have often led to hospitalizations.

False drug advertisement case being tried in Pennsylvania

A popular contraceptive may have turned out to be a dangerous prescription medication. Bayer AG allegedly promoted a birth control pill as a treatment for premenstrual syndrome. They were planning on marketing the pill for such treatments while at the same time failing to disclose that the drug is linked with the presence of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes.

Philadelphia Court Reverses Shocking ERISA Decision

Imagine that you are severely injured in an auto accident caused by a young inexperienced driver. As a result of this accident you incur over $66,000 in medical expenses. Fortunately your health insurance covers these bills. You slowly recover after months of therapy and multiple surgeries, but the injuries you suffered in the accident prevent you from ever working again. Now imagine that years later your health insurance company sues you for every dime it paid on your behalf. The reason: you received a small personal injury settlement for the devastating and life-altering injuries you suffered. Not only does the insurance company want every penny you received from the settlement, they also want $25,000 from you personally and they hired a high-powered, national law firm to go after you.

Failure to diagnose prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a deadly and often misdiagnosed disease. The great majority of complaints concerning treatment of prostate cancer have involved a failure to diagnose and discover the disease in its early stages. Also, patients have complained of the failure to administer the appropriate treatment once the disease has been diagnosed.

Asbestos dangers found everywhere

Asbestos exposure is common. Asbestos can be found in cement sheeting, piping and shingles. Because asbestos is so resistant to heat, it can be found in a number of components on automobiles such as brake pads, flooring, etc. Asbestos can be found in roof coatings, pipelines, insulations, walls and floors (especially vinyl tiles), paints and other building materials. Older products may contain asbestos compounds.

Botched kidney transplant occurs at Pittsburgh facility

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) program is under review after a botched transplant procedure where a patient mistakenly received a diseased kidney. A miscommunication between staff members is what's being blamed for the mistake.

Pennsylvania patient dies after knee replacement surgery

A Pennsylvania hospital has been found liable for a patient's death caused by post-operative drug interactions following knee replacement surgery. The jury found the hospital liable in the amount of $2.4 million.

Pennsylvania man's colon punctured twice during surgeries

A Pennsylvania man received a $2 million medical malpractice verdict after his colon was allegedly perforated following a colonoscopy. The colon was originally ruptured in 2008. An attempt to treat the complications from that original rupture resulted in the colon being punctured once again. The plaintiff was then forced to have more than two feet of his colon removed and continues to suffer from the two earlier procedures.

Defective drug case being tried in Pennsylvania

A push recently in a federal Pennsylvania court for a drug manufacturer to resolve pending product liability claims has come about after that same company agreed to pay $3 billion to settle other claims concerning illegally marketing of a diabetic medication. This came after the company allegedly paid off doctors and manipulated research to promote their drug.

CBMC Investigating Lawsuit in Penn State University Sex Scandal

Attorney David S. Senoff, the Philadelphia-based partner in the Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C. law firm, released the following statement today on the similarities between the so-called Kids for Cash case in Luzerne County, PA and the Penn State University sex scandal. Senoff and the Caroselli Beachler firm currently represent more than 300 victims in the Kids for Cash civil case.

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