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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Work Performance

In today’s society where so many people are constantly on the go trying to juggle work, family life, shopping, and finding time for recreation, lack of proper sleep is a common occurrence. Sleep is the one area where individuals seem willing to compromise and go without. They routinely stay up an extra hour, get up […]

How to Prevent Slipping on Snow and Ice During the Winter

Pennsylvania is known for severe winter weather. Each year, several storms blow through the Northeast, leaving several feet of snow and ice in their wake. Navigating winter weather conditions is a part of life in the Pittsburgh area, and this is a treacherous time especially for pedestrians. There are tens of thousands of slip and […]

Are Independent Contractors Eligible for Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania?

Most employees in the state of Pennsylvania are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This means that if an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness, their employer’s workers’ comp policy should cover their medical expenses, a percentage of their lost wages, and some other costs. But what if you are an independent contractor? Are independent […]

Delayed Injuries from a Car Accident

Even in cases when the damage is not serious, car accidents can be a horrific experience. Every person has a different reaction to a collision. Some find that their minds are inundated with incessant thoughts and concerns, while others experience a mental fog, which makes it hard to think or concentrate. Besides mental trauma and […]

Who is At Fault for a Multi Car Accident?

Most auto accidents involve two vehicles that collide with each other, or one vehicle that crashes into another object or person. There are some accidents, however, in which there are more than two vehicles involved, and this can create a very complicated situation. While determining fault in a standard two vehicle accident is typically a […]