Heart and Lung Act

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Police officers, firefighters and other public safety employees serve us every day, often at great risk to themselves. In an effort to recognize the sacrifices these employees may make, and to serve as an incentive for qualified individuals to work in these demanding fields, Pennsylvania enacted the Heart and Lung Act. This law offers full pay to workers in a number of fields who have been injured on the job. The Heart and Lung Act applies to a number of government employees other than firefighters and members of law enforcement. State corrections officers, park guards and state mental hospital employees may all be eligible for benefits.

The attorneys of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., help injured workers throughout Pennsylvania recover the benefits they are entitled to. Our law firm has helped numerous injured workers apply for benefits under the Heart and Lung Act.

What Kind Of Benefits Can I Receive Under The Heart And Lung Act?

Under the Heart and Lung Act, an injured worker can receive full pay and benefits while he or she is unable to work. These benefits are not taxed, which represents a major benefit. In contrast, workers' compensation only pays two-thirds of an injured worker's pay. The Heart and Lung Act only applies to temporary injuries that occur in the performance of a worker's duties. Our law firm can help you file claims under the Heart and Lung Act and find any other applicable benefits.

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