Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Due To Continuous Exposure To Noise At Work

An individual is entitled to recover workers' compensation benefits if they suffer a hearing loss, which can be determined to have been caused by the long and continuous exposure to noise at their place of employment. An individual does not have to be disabled from working as a result of the hearing loss. However, it must be determined and proven, not only through testimony of the individual, but also through medical evidence that the hearing loss that has been suffered was caused by the long and continuous exposure to noise at the place of employment.

An individual must file a claim for workers' compensation benefits within three years of last having been exposed to noise at the work place.

Hearing Impairment Must be in Excess of 10 Percent

The first step to determine if hearing loss is worthy of benefit payments is whether the loss is greater than 10 percent of overall hearing.

The second step is then to determine, after having been evaluated by a doctor, whether the hearing loss that was suffered was caused by the long and continuous exposure to noise at work.

There are a lot of factors that are considered when determining the cause of an individual's hearing loss. Obviously, medical factors such as heredity and family history are considered, nonoccupational exposure to noise such as hunting, use of recreational equipment and use of hand tools at home.

Compensation Benefits For Percentage Of Loss And Medical Expenses

An individual is entitled to make a claim for benefits and receive compensation not only for the percentage of loss that they experience but also for medical expenses that are associated with hearing loss. These typically include evaluations in the future, hearing aids, and repair and replacement of those hearing aids.

An individual is also entitled to receive actual cash benefits for their loss. The amount of benefits that an individual is entitled to receive depends upon the percentage of loss that they are experiencing. The greater the percentage of loss, the greater amount of money the person is entitled to receive. A person would be entitled to receive up to 260 weeks of compensation benefits based upon their average weekly wage the last time they were exposed to noise. The severity of the loss determines the amount of money a person is entitled to receive.

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If you believe that you have experienced hearing loss and you are exposed to loud noise and have been so for some time at your place of employment, you should have your hearing tested. A simple audiometric test is the first indicator to determine whether or not you meet the initial criteria to make a claim. If you have had a hearing test done, our workers' compensation lawyers would be more than happy to review any of the information on the test to determine whether or not you have experienced a loss that could be compensable.

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