Specific Loss

Even if your work-related injury does not directly cause you to miss work or lose wages, you may still be entitled to certain benefits for other losses. If your injuries have affected your life but still allowed you to work, the workers' comp lawyers of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., are here to help.

What Are Specific Loss Benefits?

Under Pennsylvania's workers' compensation laws, an individual is entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits for specific types of injuries, even if the injury does not cause an individual to lose wages. An individual may have suffered a specific injury to a particular body part that does not disable them, but they may be entitled to receive a set sum of benefits that has been predetermined by the workers' compensation regulations.

These benefits are called specific loss benefits. They include what would be a specific loss of a finger, hand, arm, toe, foot, leg, etc. There are also benefits available to workers who have suffered permanent disfigurement or scarring to the face or head.

Am I Entitled To These Benefits?

The Workers' Compensation Act has established certain guidelines for those who can receive specific loss benefits. You must:

  • Show that a particular body part has been amputated or that you have lost the functional use of that body part for all practical intents and purposes
  • Show that the loss occurred in the course and scope of your employment
  • Have reported the injury to your employer within 120 days of the injury
  • Have filed a workers' compensation claim within the three-year statute of limitations
  • Have medical evidence to support this claim

When you have suffered an injury that you now believe is permanent, you are entitled to make a claim for a specific loss benefit if you can prove that you have lost the use of 50 percent or 100 percent of that body part.

The amount of benefits you are able to receive depends on the part of the body that has been injured. In addition to the amount of benefits you are able to receive for specific loss, there is also an additional period called a healing period of anywhere from six (6) to ten (10) weeks of benefits you may be able to receive if you have missed time from work because of the injury.

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