Out-of-State Truck Driver Injury

If you drive an over-the-road truck based in Pennsylvania and were injured in an accident in another state, the law firm of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., can help you. Likewise, if you are based elsewhere and were injured here in Pennsylvania, we can be of assistance.

If another party is to blame for your accident, we will work to obtain compensation for your physical injuries, property damage, medical bills, hospital bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, as well as emotional pain. If another driver carelessly caused your accident, or the manufacturer of your tractor-trailer or parts produced a defective product, they are legally and financially responsible for your losses.

Protecting Out-Of-State Drivers

We have a strong record of success winning cases for people suffering the most serious injuries, including head and brain injuries, back injuries and burns.

In order to gather as much evidence as we can to support your case, we begin our investigation immediately. We send teams of investigators out to the scene of the accident. We also hire accident reconstruction experts who can recreate or determine the speed of the semi truck and the seriousness of the impact based on the skid marks and debris left at the scene.

Ours is an established and respected law firm serving injured people since 1972. We represent individuals, families and surviving family members, never trucking companies or their insurers. We advance all costs associated with litigation.

Contact a Pennsylvania truck accident attorney at Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., by calling 412-567-1232 in Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania, or toll free at 866-466-5789. You may also complete our online contact form. Initial consultations with a lawyer are free and confidential, and cases are reviewed free of charge.

We understand that an injury or loss of a loved one can take its toll on you and your family, making it difficult to get to an attorney's office. For your convenience, we are available to come to your home, hospital or union hall to talk with you and your family about your rights under federal and Pennsylvania laws.