Fees and Costs

No Initial Fees Or Costs

When you are injured at work you may not need an attorney. Your benefits may be paid right away. Even if your benefits are being paid we invite you call one of our Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys to review your rights. There is no cost for you to speak with and meet with any of our skilled workers' comp attorneys. The insurance companies have teams of attorneys on their side, so do not cheat yourself by not having a team of attorneys on yours.

You may need legal counsel if:

  • You are not receiving benefits even though you were injured on the job.
  • You received benefits for your injury that were discontinued for some reason, and you need to have them reinstated.
  • You've been receiving benefits, but are faced with having them terminated, suspended or modified.
  • You've been receiving benefits and might qualify for a lump sum settlement.
  • You have been asked to submit to a medical examination in order to determine an impairment rating.
  • Your employer has approached you about resolving your claim.
  • Your employer has filed a request for compromise and release.

When you need the services of one of our attorneys, the workers' compensation law states that workers' comp cases be handled on a contingency fee basis. A contingent fee means that the attorney's fees are contingent or payable only if you receive benefits. There is never an out-of-pocket cost to you for attorney fees.

Contact Us

Contact the Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorneys at Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., by calling us at 412-567-1232 in Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania, or toll free at 866-466-5789. You may also complete our online contact form. Initial consultations are free and confidential.

For your convenience, we are available to come to your home, hospital or union hall to talk with you and your family about your rights under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation laws.