Coordination of Benefits

UC, SSD, SS, Retirement, Pension and Medicare

If you are collecting workers' compensation benefits, you may also receive other types of benefits, but you must be very careful. The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act does permit an individual to receive other benefits while on workers' compensation benefits, including the ones listed below. However, receipt of any of the benefits listed may reduce the amount of workers' compensation benefits:

When collecting workers' compensation benefits, if you are considering applying for other benefits, you should seek advice from the experienced workers' compensation attorneys at Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C.

Sometimes, the timing of the receipt of these benefits can have a tremendous impact on your receipt of ongoing benefits or leverage in negotiating a lump-sum settlement. Making an uninformed choice as to what additional benefits to seek and at what time may have a tremendous consequence on your workers' compensation case. If you have a question on whether you should apply for other benefits and what consequence it may have on your pending workers' compensation case, please contact one of our lawyers.

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