School Sexual Abuse

A school or university may be held liable for sexual abuse if the institution knew the abuse was going on, but did not take appropriate actions to stop or prevent it. At Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., we represent victims of sexual abuse in civil lawsuits. Our Pittsburgh lawyers are here to help expose the institution's negligence and seek the compensation our clients deserve.

We have the experience needed to successfully handle these cases. Our firm has been representing injury victims since 1972. In that time, our attorneys have learned how to carefully craft a legal case that puts our clients' interests first. Additionally, they know what to expect from the opposition and can anticipate challenges, helping them to prepare upfront. Our approach has lead to many successful results.

Compassionate Representation For Sexual Assault Victims

Our clients are minors, as well as adults who are now coming forward about their past. Their teachers, principals, coaches and other school staff, whom they should have been able to trust, have sexually violated them. We understand the serious impact this tragedy has had on them and their families.

As part of our representation, we will pursue compensation that takes all of the emotional, physical and psychological effects into account. Our primary objective is to achieve a successful result so our clients can find closure and move forward with their lives.

Call Our Pennsylvania Law Firm If You Are A Teacher Sex Crime Victim

From our office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we represent sex crime victims throughout Western Pennsylvania. Contact our personal injury firm today for a free initial consultation to discuss your teacher abuse case.