Toyota and Lexus Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Claims Of Sudden Unintended Acceleration By Toyota And Lexus Owners

The defective product attorneys at the Pittsburgh law office of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., are currently investigating claims of sudden unintended acceleration that led to serious car accident injuries and wrongful deaths involving different models of Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

A February 5, 2010, report by Safety Research & Strategies, Inc. states that Toyota's Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) problems span many years, makes and models of Lexus and Toyota including Camry, Tacoma and Sienna vehicles. Since 1999, at least 2,600 Toyota and Lexus owners have reported to the National Highway Safety Administration, the media, the courts and to Safety Research & Strategies that their cars have suddenly and unexpectedly accelerated, resulting in over 800 car crashes, 341 injuries and 19 deaths that are potentially related to sudden unintended acceleration.

Toyota Acknowledges There Is A Problem

After initially blaming the issue on faulty floor mats, Toyota now has acknowledged that there is a serious problem with the accelerator pedals. Toyota has finally said that the accelerator pedal could wear down and become difficult to depress, slow to spring back or stuck partly depressed. This can cause sudden unintended acceleration. Sudden unintended acceleration — in which your car races ahead even though you are not pressing the accelerator pedal — is a rare but potentially fatal event.

Recent traffic accidents prompted the Toyota recalls, including last year's crash in a Hampton Township parking lot just north of Pittsburgh.

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If you have not been injured but are looking for more information about the Toyota and Lexus vehicle recalls, please click here for information on Toyota and Lexus Recalls.