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Talc powder/ovarian cancer case won by plaintiff

A couple years ago, one woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer filed and won a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. Her and her attorney claimed that J&J's talcum-based "Shower-to-Shower" was the cause of her ovarian cancer diagnosis. Through a vigorous trial process, several physicians who served as expert witnesses agreed that the talcum in "Shower-to-Shower" did indeed cause the cancer. Regardless of the diagnosis and results of the subsequent federal lawsuit, there still remains no warning from the FDA or plans to pull the product from shelves anytime soon.

While this may seem like a new problem, the truth is that the cosmetic industry has been denying any relationship between talcum-based powders and ovarian cancer for more than four decades. As far back as 1971, a detailed report linking talcum powder to ovarian cancer was published. However, the then J&J medical director argued against the accusations, saying that there was absolutely no link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder. J&J's sentiment remains the same, regardless of the results of the 2013 trial.

During that 2013 trial, legal advocates for Johnson & Johnson told a court that J&J administrators were well aware of the research that has gone into linking ovarian cancer with talcum, but that there was never enough of a risk to feel the need to warn its customers. Despite J&J's questionable claims, the president of the Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) admitted that he does believe there is a clear link between cancer and talcum powder when it is liberally applied to the genital and rectal regions of a woman's body.

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