Dangers Of The Bair Hugger System

The Bair Hugger is a brand of forced air surgical warming blanket. These devices are used during surgery to keep patients at a stable body temperature. These blankets are used for their benefits, which include reduced recovery time and less bleeding. But they can also carry significant risks.

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Why Are Forced Air Warming Blankets Dangerous?

Bair Hugger and similar devices work like forced air heaters, circulating warm air through a hose to a blanket that is draped over a patient during surgery. These blankets may seem harmless, but they have caused serious harm to people throughout Pennsylvania and the United States.

The air carried in these blankets sometimes contains contaminants, or redirects airflow so dust, bacteria and other debris are kicked up during surgery. This can lead to serious infections, particularly in patients receiving implanted devices like hip and knee replacements as well as artificial heart valves. These infections can require additional corrective surgery or cause serious complications, including amputation, that could have been avoided.

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