Hospital Negligence

Pittsburgh Hospital Negligence Lawyer For Victims Of Medical Negligence By Nurses, Interns, Residents And Lab Techs

Hospitals are responsible for the behavior of the people they employ. If the nurses, interns, residents and laboratory technicians commit medical malpractice, hospitals are held accountable for the injury and damage done.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for mistakes to be made in hospitals, and there are many different ways that serious errors can happen. As examples, hospital laboratories occasionally substitute one patient's results for another, medical residents fail to read test results before they act, nurses fail to monitor women in labor, and residents, interns and nurses may fail to communicate their findings and information to the treating physician.

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Holding All Hospitals To The Same Standard

In hospital malpractice cases, the standard of care is a very important legal concept. In order for you to succeed in your case, your attorney must show that the hospital involved breached the accepted professional standard of care — the level of care, skill and treatment that is recognized as appropriate by health care providers in similar situations.

Under Pennsylvania law, every hospital is held to the same standard. Whether they are a small, rural hospital or a large urban complex, they should treat patients in the same manner. The law recognizes that technology makes this possible. Due to advances in communication, if there is no specialist on staff at a rural hospital, there is no reason one cannot be found. Failing to seek the guidance of a specialist can be considered medical malpractice in certain situations.

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