Oxygen Deprivation

Pittsburgh Hypoxia Lawyer For Oxygen Deprivation And Obstetrician Malpractice Victims

Oxygen deprivation (often described by the medical terms "anoxia" and "hypoxia") is caused when the supply of oxygen to an infant's brain is reduced. It can happen in all stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery. The effects of oxygen deprivation are severe, most prominently causing brain damage, cerebral palsy and death.

While natural circumstances, like the umbilical cord becoming compressed or twisted, can cause oxygen deprivation, medical malpractice or negligence may also be the cause. There are many ways that medical negligence can cause oxygen deprivation:

  • Failure to use proper monitoring equipment
  • Failure to consistently monitor the fetus and infant
  • Failure to seek the help of a specialist when needed
  • Failure to do a cesarean section (C-section) when needed

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