Client Testimonials

Asbestos Disease Client

We are so pleased with the care in which Craig Coleman handled my father-in-law's case. He was very kind and helped answer many questions through the litigation process. I was very impressed with his knowledge. He was never too busy to get on the phone and answer any of our questions. My father-in-law is gone, but he died knowing that his family was taken care of because of Craig Coleman.

Car Accident Victim

I am a teacher who was injured a car accident. When I called Caroselli Beachler, Attorney Caroselli displayed immediate confidence in my claim and then made the result happen through complete effort and compassion. I highly recommend Bill — not only for his professionalism and expertise in the courtroom, but because he is sincere and compassionate and he cares about the people he is helping.

Workers' Compensation Client

Tom Smith was both trustworthy and successful for me. He handled the case for me from the beginning to end. Every person at the firm was helpful and knowledgeable. Tom held our hand throughout the entire case and answered our questions quickly and in a way we could understand. Job well done.

Personal Injury Client

We were very happy with the job Mr. McGowan did on our Dad's case. Thank you so much for your help.

Litigation Client

My rights were violated. Kelly Enders helped me and made an example of the justice system. I worked for a large company that forced me to work overtime and through breaks without compensating me. When I complained I was told that the company was a "right-to-work" workplace and that I was free to quit anytime I wanted. I basically felt like my job was threatened if I didn't go along with what I was told to do. Also, I was considered only a part-time employee when I worked sometimes as much as sixty hours a week. This eliminated me from receiving benefits like full health care and paid vacations. When I brought my story to Ms. Enders, she walked me through the negotiations and court process and explained everything in a way that I could understand. The company I worked for eventually admitted to the wrong they did and I was compensated. My story is important because there are others like me who have had to deal with the same situation. It was great to be under the care of such a concerned and genuine person like Kelly. Thanks Kelly!