Types of Truck Accidents

The worst type of collision with a truck is obviously a head-on collision. When the driver of a tractor-trailer falls asleep, oncoming traffic is in danger. Even a divided highway is not safe, as a speeding semi can easily cross most medians and kill oncoming drivers.

Rear-end collisions are common. In heavy, jockeying traffic on the highway, drivers cannot keep as much following distance. Depending on the weigh and speed, a tractor-trailer cannot stop fast enough when traffic ahead slows or stops. Trucks can even over-ride a small vehicle. There is a prescribed method of braking safely, not used by all truckers. And brakes may be poorly maintained or be defective.

Likewise, autos under-ride trucks. If an 18-wheeler stops for a repair or another reason in a location with poor visibility, a car can run under it, almost always killing the auto driver.


When brakes are applied suddenly, or are poorly adjusted, or when the rig enters a curve too fast, the trailer can go out of control. The direction and movement of tons of cargo is totally unpredictable.

Blind Spots

Trucks have blind spots directly behind them as well as on both sides. Especially in sharper turns, a car can be hit by either side of the truck and knocked off the highway.

When an irresponsible or aggressive semi driver hits a car or runs it off the road, it can seem as if he or she didn't see the driver. But in many cases, he or she didn't look, or dismissed others' safety.

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