Tire Blowouts

The momentum behind an 80,000 pound steel box going 60-plus mph is massive. When one of these goes out of control, the damage will also be massive and unpredictable. That's what happens when a tractor-trailer tire blowout causes an accident.

Pittsburgh Tire Blowout Injury Attorney

If a brand new tire fails, the manufacturer may be to blame. Our law firm investigates accidents in order to identify any and all parties potentially liable to our clients. A new tire may also fail, however, when the wrong type of tire is put on the wrong type of truck wheel. Trucking companies and their drivers are supposed to be professionals. They are expected to operate safely and to know what they are doing.

As in many cases of negligence, increasing profit and decreasing cost and labor are to blame in many tire blowout accidents. Often a tire blows under the following conditions:

Tires do wear out and should be replaced before they become unsafe. Resistance to purchasing new tires means there are many unsafe tires on the highway.

Over-inflating or underinflating tires can be hazardous. Companies and drivers are required to inspect truck features, including tires, regularly. If they fail in their duties, they may be liable.

Even spare tires and other tires not in use decay. Rubber degrades and becomes unsafe over time and under certain storage conditions.

If a truck has lost control due to tire blowout and injured you or a family member, or killed a loved one, you may wish to pursue financial compensation.

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