Driver Substance Abuse

Driving a truck long distance can be a very tedious job. Many drivers are tempted to indulge in alcohol or drug use while driving. Both recreational drug use and use of amphetamines to stay awake are contributing to the deadly accidents taking place more and more often.

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It is well known that trucking companies pressure drivers to drive fast and keep going for long hours. Both the company and the driver are rewarded for making lots of deliveries of lots of goods fast. Many drivers resort to amphetamines to stay awake. But are they alert?

Sooner or later, the body needs rest, and drugs only make it worse. Trucking companies must not endanger the public just to maximize their profits. Policies that encourage drug use are extremely negligent of the duty to operate safely. Companies are also required to choose carefully in hiring drivers. They must screen for drug use at the time of hiring and continue to monitor for substance abuse.

Recreational Drugs/Alcohol

Driving while impaired is even more dangerous for a truck driver than auto drivers, due to the damage a tractor-trailer can do. Whether truckers use alcohol to cope with stress or are addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are committing a crime that should be prosecuted independently of your civil action for compensation.

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