Minors' Rights After an Accident

Attorneys Protecting The Rights Of Injured Minors

It is important to know the rights of all individuals that are injured in auto accidents, but it is especially important when the injured person is a minor. Pennsylvania law labels any child under the age of 18 a "minor," and requires that special considerations be taken when handling their car accident lawsuits or any other possible cause of action involving a minor.

A parent of a minor has the capacity to file a lawsuit on behalf of the minor child for injuries sustained in an auto accident. At the Pittsburgh law office of Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., we represent minors and their parents in these lawsuits, helping them to achieve results under Pennsylvania laws.

Protecting Your Child's Money

After an accident, the minor child generally has the same rights as an adult, but with a few exceptions. One of these is the distribution of any money the minor receives from a favorable settlement or jury verdict. This money is carefully protected under state law. It is placed into a special account where only the minor child upon turning 18 will have access to the money, unless the money is needed for the child's medical care and treatment, which is overseen and approved by a judge.

Creating A Special Needs Trust

If a minor is severely injured, a special needs trust is often created to ensure that the money that was awarded is carefully spent to last as long as possible. This may be as long as a lifetime, while ensuring that the injured person is still eligible for very important federal and state funded programs.

At Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., we understand the rules and the reasons behind special needs trusts. When a special needs trust must be created, we make sure our clients have the resources necessary to have it drafted and administered properly.

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