Drunk-Driving Accidents

Accidents Caused By Those Driving Under The Influence

Many times, serious and life-altering auto accidents are caused by a drunk driver or an individual driving while under the influence of prescription drugs or nonprescription drugs who should not have been operating a motor vehicle.

At Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C., our practice is to thoroughly investigate these incidents as well as the events leading up to these incidents. For example, if our investigation reveals:

  • The driver had just left an establishment where he or she was obviously intoxicated and continued to be served alcohol.
  • An owner of a car allowed someone who was obviously intoxicated to drive their car.
  • An owner of a car allowed someone under the influence of drugs to drive their car.

We will pursue the establishment owner under a dram shop claim or the vehicle owner under a negligent entrustment claim.

Dram Shop Liability

Pennsylvania's dram shop law holds businesses or individuals who continue to serve alcohol to an intoxicated person to be held responsible if that person later causes an accident. If a bar, restaurant or social club overserves an individual who later causes personal injury in a car accident, they can be held responsible for the damage done.

Negligent Entrustment

Pennsylvania law recognizes the legal theory of "negligent entrustment," which holds car owners legally responsible for the negligence of drunk drivers to whom they loaned their cars, if they knew that the driver was likely to drink or drive recklessly. Under the theory of negligent entrustment, any car owner who lends his or her car to someone who is clearly intoxicated or drunk may be held responsible for the crash because they negligently entrusted the vehicle to a person who was incompetent to drive and caused an accident.

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