Asbestos Manufacturers & Suppliers

Targeting Companies That Provided Dangerous Asbestos Products

There are many benefits to seeking counsel from attorneys who understand all the possible avenues of recovery in asbestos disease and other complex personal injury litigation. For example, having represented many victims in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and across the country we have prior knowledge of many manufacturers and suppliers of asbestos products.

We will exhaustively research potential parties who were responsible for your asbestos exposure. Our firm will tirelessly work to file claims to hold these parties liable for your losses. You do not have to be concerned if you do not know which asbestos products caused your mesothelioma or other cancer. Please contact an asbestos litigation attorney at Caroselli, Beachler & Coleman, L.L.C. Our lawyers are prepared to visit you and your family, explain legal and medical options and begin an investigation to find the answers you deserve.

Diligent Investigation To Establish Exposure And Liability

Among the questions that must be dealt with in any case is, "Who can be held liable?" For decades asbestos was a common product used in the manufacture of many household and industrial products. Millions of people were subjected to the toxic effects of asbestos exposure. We must identify a manufacturer or supplier of asbestos products that is a viable source of financial compensation — although your asbestos exposure may have happened many years or several decades ago. We are up to this challenge.

We are aware of many, many area job sites where asbestos exposure occurred in the past and may even continue today. The employers and locations involved cover a wide range of industries and occupations. We have experience investigating and uncovering manufacturers and suppliers who provided various asbestos products to:

  • Steel plants, other metals companies and power stations throughout the region
  • Chemical plants and other manufacturing and processing facilities
  • Construction and maintenance companies
  • Schools, shipyards and other locations where asbestos products were in frequent use

Determined Lawyers With A Track Record Of Success In Asbestos Litigation

We strongly believe that these companies knew or should have known the risks of asbestos exposure, and they should have warned of the dangers of asbestos.

Just as a driver who hurts or kills someone through negligence on the road can be held liable, a company should pay for negligent decisions impacting worker safety and longevity. We can represent you in the effort to obtain money for your asbestos disease treatment and your family's future. For a free consultation, please call or email our Pittsburgh-based law firm from anywhere in the United States. We are happy to come to your home, hospital or union hall.