What is Asbestos?

A Mineral With Many Uses And Serious Risks

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with outstanding heat and fire resistance, which was incorporated into industrial and household products predominantly until the late 1970s, but there are many products on the market today that are asbestos-containing.

Types Of Asbestos Fibers

There are different types of asbestos fibers, including chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite and tremolite. All asbestos-fiber types cause asbestos diseases, including mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Asbestos In Industrial Settings

Asbestos was used in a full array of products such as asbestos pipe covering, asbestos block insulation, asbestos cement, asbestos cement pipe, asbestos spray insulation, asbestos gaskets, asbestos packing, asbestos bricks, asbestos castables, asbestos hot tops, asbestos protective clothing and was used on turbines, boilers and furnaces, to name a few. These items were often used in steel mills, power plants, automotive manufacturing plants and other industrial settings. We have handled thousands (1000s) of cases in many different plants across the country.

Asbestos In Home Construction

Asbestos was used in home construction products, including asbestos ceiling tile, asbestos floor tile, asbestos joint compounds, various types of asbestos plaster, asbestos roof shingles, asbestos house siding and asbestos attic insulation.

Asbestos In Automobiles

Asbestos was also used in the automobile industry in asbestos brakes, asbestos clutches and asbestos exhaust systems.

Asbestos In Other Products

Asbestos was also used in everyday home appliances including hair dryers, stoves, ovens and even clothing. The products around the house are often things no one would think contain asbestos.

Contact An Experienced Asbestos Litigation Lawyer

If you have any questions about whether or not you or a loved one was exposed to an asbestos product, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. In fact if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is almost certain that there has been asbestos exposure. Many clients were not even aware that they had asbestos exposure. It is our job to investigate your exposures.

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