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What are tripped and untripped rollovers?

When it comes to traffic collisions, people need to realize that there are all sorts of factors that can lead to a crash. Many are aware that drunk driving, speeding, and other behaviors are dangerous. However, some people in Pennsylvania neglect to keep these risks in mind when they are driving, or may not even be aware that certain actions are dangerous. For example, many lives are lost due to rollover accidents and there are different ways that rollovers take place.

Flu season and traffic collisions

Many different dangerous human behaviors can cause a car accident, such as speeding and driving under the influence. On the other hand, there are also factors out of a driver's control that could lead to a collision, such as inclement weather. It is important to bear in mind that some factors, such as the seasonal flu, can also play a role in traffic collisions. Our law firm knows how devastating these collisions are and we believe it is vital for those who are too sick to drive or suffering from any other condition that could affect their driving performance to stay off of the road in Allegheny and across all of Pennsylvania.

Fall weather and car crashes

There are all sorts of different hazards related to weather that can cause a motor vehicle collision, such as snow and ice. Often, people realize how serious these problems can be and take steps to either stay off of the roads or drive more carefully during these times. Unfortunately, some people fail to realize that rainfall is a potentially deadly hazard that causes many car accidents across the country. Our law firm knows how physically, financially, and emotionally painful car wrecks can be, regardless of whether they were caused by rain, snow, drunk driving, or any other factor.

Going over statistics on drowsy driving

Each year, many lives are claimed and even more people are hurt because of drowsy driving. In Allegheny and all across the state of Pennsylvania, motor vehicle crashes happen for many reasons. While drivers often realize how dangerous certain behaviors are, such as going over the speed limit and operating a vehicle while intoxicated, too many neglect to recognize the dangers associated with drowsy driving. Unfortunately, fatigue can significantly impair a person's ability to drive and may cause a tragic accident that was completely preventable.

How many injuries occur due to auto accidents?

Victims of auto accidents may experience a number of setbacks following a crash. Sometimes, people face financial burdens brought on by medical costs and lost wages, while others lost their lives and leave families with emotional scars that will last throughout life. In Pennsylvania, many car accident victims also sustain injuries that interrupt their lives in diverse ways. Whether you or a family member were hurt in a crash, or you are worried about becoming involved in an accident one day, it may be helpful to realize just how many injuries people sustain in these wrecks each year.

The new iPhone contributes to safer driving environments

The number of vehicle accidents due to distracted driving has been quite concerning, and it has lead various government and social organizations to implement regulations and programs to try to decrease this number. Now, even technology companies are starting to contribute to safe driving efforts.

Auto accidents and Labor Day weekend

Although motor vehicle collisions occur at all times of year, certain periods may be even more dangerous. For example, winter weather can increase the likelihood of a crash. In Pennsylvania and across the entire country, Labor Day weekend can also be a particularly deadly time. Our law firm knows that there are many reasons why an accident may be more likely during Labor Day and other U.S. holidays. As a result, it is very important to remain vigilant on the road.

How many accidents are the result of poor weather?

Motor vehicle collisions occur for an array of reasons, such as drowsy driving and DUI. That said, a crash may also happen as a result of poor weather. Whether you live in a warm location with relatively mild weather or an area which has brutal weather in the winter, there are a number of different hazards related to weather that you should watch out for.

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