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Update on adultBasic Class Action Lawsuit: Plaintiffs Now Total 75; Injunction Filed to Prevent Funding From Being Diverted

Pittsburgh, PA - The Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan and Conboy law firm took two major steps in the class action lawsuit against Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and the Pennsylvania legislature yesterday for failing to fund the adultBasic health care program as required by law.

First, the firm filed an updated complaint that increases the number of plaintiffs in the suit from three to 75. The suit now includes plaintiffs from 38 different cities in 20 different Pennsylvania counties. For access to the updated complaint and a complete list of plaintiffs sorted by hometown, please click here.

"The response we received from adultBasic subscribers who have been harmed by the governor and legislature's action has been overwhelming," said David Senoff one of the lead attorneys on the case at Caroselli Beachler McTiernan & Conboy L.L.C. "There has literally been an explosion of interest from people who are hoping they'll be able to get their basic healthcare coverage back."

Second, the firm filed an injunction asking the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania to forbid the Pennsylvania Department of the Treasury from spending any of the Tobacco Settlement Fund money the state is slated to receive on or about April 15, 2011 until the court has had an opportunity to rule on the adultBasic class action suit.

"The state is scheduled to receive millions of dollars in tobacco settlement money this month and - by law - part of it is supposed to fund the adultBasic program," added Senoff. "It's only right that the court instruct the treasurer's office to hold that money until it has an opportunity to rule on this class action case. There's simply too much at stake to allow the governor and legislature to direct it into the general fund."

In March, CBMC firm filed a class action lawsuit against Governor Tom Corbett, the Pennsylvania Senate, and the Pennsylvania State House for failing to provide funding for the program as required by law.

AdultBasic was created to allow low-income workers to purchase health care insurance at a minimal cost. The suit states that by illegally zeroing out tobacco settlement monies from their intended and mandated purpose, Gov. Corbett and the Pennsylvania Legislature violated the Pennsylvania Tobacco Settlement Act and the Pennsylvania Constitution.

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